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Mushroom - Early One Morning (Ire 1973)

Mushroom - Early One Morning (Ireland 1973, Progressive Folk)

Formed: 1970, Dublin, Ireland
Disbanded: 1974 //

Genres: Progressive Folk.

* Aengus McNally - guitars, tin whistle, vocals
* Colm Lynch - percussion, bodhran, wind and wood chimes, vocals
* Alan Brown - bass, 12-string guitar, vocals
* Michael Power - organ, harpsichord, moog, vocals
* Pat Collins - violin, electric violin, vocals

01. Early one morning (2:37)
02. The Liathdan (4:17)
03. Crying (3:53)
04. Unborn child (3:44)
05. Johnny The Jumper (3:04)
06. Potters Wheel (2:20)
07. Standing Alone (5:36)
08. Devil Among The Tailors (2:44)
09. Tenpenny Piece (3:28)
10. Drowsey Maggie (3:57)
11. King of Alba (4:17)
Total Time: 39:57

Formed in Dublin in the early 70’s, MUSHROOM* were one of Ireland's leading pop bands from ‘70 to ‘74. In fact, they had a huge hit with their first single "Devil Among the Tailors" from their LP "Early one morning" which reached no. 2 in the Irish top 20 charts in 1973, selling over a 100,000 LP’s and singles; another song, “Kings and Queens”, reached number 13 the following year. They band comprised five musicians among whom were violinist Pat Collins and guitarist Aengus McNally, son of actor Ray McNally; the other three contributed to the band’s acid folk sound with organ, moog, harpsichord, bass, drums, tin whistles, chimes, bodhran and vocals. As far as comparisons go, HORSLIPS comes immediately to mind.
Their album features traditional Celtic folk-flavoured melodies that are given both a delicate and hard-rocking treatment: delicate in the form of melodic, mellow ballads, and hard rocking when Collins’s fiddles battle it out with McNally’s fuzzy, blazing guitar, particularly on traditional instrumental jigs. Although not as sophisticated and instrumentally accomplished asa FAIRPORT CONVENTION or a STEELEYE SPAN, for example, MUSHROOM’s release is still worth a spindespite the average sound quality, if only for the pleasure of hearing some vintage psychedeliagiven a nifty Celtic folk treatment.

* Note: the CD version includes the band’s famous mid-70’s singles in the form of 3 bonus tracks.
* Not essential but could be of interest to fans of HORSLIPS, MELLOW CANDLE and JIMI SLEVIN.
* Not to be confused with a contemporary American space-rock band of the same name.
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Solaris said...

I have this album on vinyl, and there's a 7" around here somewhere, but didn't know until now that it had been released on CD. Thanks for the upload, it's great to be able to put it on my iPod and not have to drag my turntable around in a wheelbarrow when I want to listen to it on the move. Fantastic album!

paudman said...

I have a 7" EP with three tracks on the Hawk label which a lot of 'experts' have told me doesn't exist...