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Jade - Fly On Strange Wings (uk 1970)

Jade - Fly on Strangewings (uk 1970)

Formed: 1970, City of Westminster, Greater London, United Kingdom

* Marianne Segal (vocals, guitar, percussion),
* Dave Waite (guitar, bass, backing vocals),
* Rod Edwards (keyboards, bass, backing vocals)

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Edwards Hand, Dave Waite & Marianne Segal

Also Known As: Marian Segal With Silver Jade

Genres: Folk Rock

01. Amongst Anemones 3.53
02. Raven 2.35
03. Fly On Strangewings 4.27
04. Mayfly 3.33
05. Alan's Song 3.17
06. Bad Magic 3.18
07. Clippership 2.46
08. Five Of Us 4.06
09. Reflections On A Harbour Wall 2.32
10. Mrs Adams 3.27
11. Fly Me to the North 3.22
12. Away From The Family 4.48
13. Sepember Song Live 2 [Bonus] *
14. Big Yellow Taxi [Bonus] *
15. Carolina In My Mind [Bonus]
16. Chicago Radio Spots [Bonus]

- Fly on Strangewings was reissued on CD in 2007, with both sides of an unreleased 1971 single (on which John Wetton plays bass) added as bonus tracks.*

This little known UK Folk Rock classic released in the early '70s. Issued in England under the band name "Jade", it's a fantastic album featuring the Sandy Denny like vocals of Marian Segal. Orchestrated, melodic songs, powerful folk rock with electric guitar harpsichord, and soaring vocal harmonies, this has to be up in the top ten UK folk rock albums of the period.
‘There is enough that is strange and beautiful on this first album to indicate that Jade have talent… The lyrics avoid many of the usual cliches and, I should imagine, spring from deeply-felt personal experiences, but musically some of the songs are not as strong as they might be’
~ Melody Maker, 1/8/70
Jade was one of the most popular UK folk/rock bands of the early 1970's. Folk duo Marianne Segal and Dave Waite toured the late' 60's folk clubs of the UK with the likes of Sandy Denny, The Strawberry Hill Boys (later the Strawbs) Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, The Dransfields, John Martyn, Ralph McTell and other such luminaries of the UK folk circuit. They signed to Dick James Music and under the guidance of producer Jon Miller became Jade, with the addition of keyboardist/bassist and arranger Rod Edwards. In 1970 they recorded their sole album and singles with a the help of a glittering array of talent including Pete Sears (Les Fleur De Lys, Sam Gopal's Dream, Jefferson Starship) John Wetton (King Crimson, Family) Terry Cox (Pentangle) Jimmy Litherland (Colosseum) Michael Rosen (Eclection, Fotheringay) Clem Cattini (Rumplestiltskin The Ivy League) Pete York (Spencer Davis Group, Hardin and York) and Mick Waller (Rod Stewart). "Fly On Strangewings" was released in 1970 under in both the UK and the USA - where it was issued under the name Mariannne Segal and Silver Jade. It received rave reviews and comparisons to Sandy Denny and Fairport Convention. A short tour of the USA and UK plus appearances on Disco 2 (A forerunner of The Old Grey Whistle Test) were part of Jade's short but productive life, before internal pressures split the band in the summer of 1971. Now over 30 years later Jade's sole album is regarded as one of the best albums of the '70's UK folk rock movement. Unknown by many collectors it ranks along with The Trees' "On The Shore" and Mellow Candle's "Swaddling Songs" as one of the great underground albums of the era. Poorly promoted and tragically underexposed original UK copies of the album now sell for hundreds of pounds. Tight electric guitar work harpsichord and violin are blended with breathtaking string arrangements and soaring male/female vocal harmonies. A beautiful production encapsulates the bands vision of a rustic folk/rock idyll wherein the American West Coast hippy dream is enshrined in a pop vision of Constable's Olde England.Highly sought after by collectors Lightning Tree Records are proud to announce the official reissue of Jade's "Fly On Strangewings".
"Fly On Strange Wings" was Melody Makers album of the month when released in 1970. 30 years later it appeared in the UK's Mojo Magazine as one of the top ten UK folk rock albums of the '70's along with Fairport Convention's "Leige and Leaf". Now at last it is widely available to be afforded the classic status it deserves.
~ Official Press Release.
While Jade's only album is decent early-'70s British folk-rock, its similarity to the material that Sandy Denny sang lead on with Fairport Convention is so evident that it's rather unnerving. Marian Segal sounded more like Denny than any other British folk-rock singer of the time did, and the songs mixed rock music, more traditional British Isles folk melodic and lyrical elements, and stirring contemporary singer-songwriter rock in much the same way that Fairport did in their WHAT WE DID ON OUR HOLIDAYS and UNHALFBRICKING era. The difference is that Jade had a little more of a pop influence than Fairport, occasionally using orchestration, and less of a traditional folk one at that. Of course, whereas Fairport split up the lead vocals among several members, Marian Segal takes almost all of them here, though the good amount of vocal harmonies, again, can't fail but to recall early Fairport.
~ Internet Sources.

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