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Gash - A Young Man's Gash (Ger 1972)

Gash - A Young Man's Gash (Ger 1972 Brain records)

Formed: 1972, Bremen, Bremen, Germany
Disbanded: 1972 //

* Jochen "Lu Lafayette" Peters (organ, piano, harpsichord, keyboards, Lead Vocals),
* Frank Feldhusen (guitar, vocals),
* Manfred Thiers (bass, vocals),
* Reinhard Schiemann (drums, percussion, vocals),
* Atze Barth (guitar, vocals).

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- Engineer: Conny Plank.
- Engineer [Assistant]: Hans Lampe, Wolfgang Klaus .
- Producer: Bernd E. Schulz, Dicky Tarrach .

- Recorded April, May, June 1972 at Windrose-Dumont-Time and Tonstudio Maschen.
- Label: Brain
- Catalog#: BRAIN 1014

01. Angel and Mother 6:22
02. Twenty One Days 6:51
03. In the Sea 7:23 (Congas - Dicky Tarrach)
04. A Young Man’s Gash
a. Part 1 7:41
b. Part 2 4:46 (Voice - Bernd E. Schulz).
c. Part 3 8:21 (Congas - Dicky Tarrach).

The only album from German band Gash, this starts out with three standard rockers, sounding a little like Nektar maybe, but the highlight is the title track, a 20 minute long suite of great space rock - the addition of some guest musicians and some help from a symphony orchestra really help this along. Definitely worth a listen.
~ internet source.
This album is an unexpected surprise! I can think of few albums that start so horribly and end so incredibly! “Angel and Mother” is SO appalling on every level (soppy music, terrible lyrics, cheese-grater-to-the-eardrum vocals) it nearly made me want to throw the disc out of the window when I first heard it! But I stuck with it through the balance of the A-side (“Twentyone Days” is nearly as bad, but “In The Sea” is slightly better, sounding like one of Jane’s cast-offs) to make it to the “A Young Man’s Gash” suite.People, let me tell you this is one of the most amazing, fascinating and one-of-a-kind half-albums I have ever heard! It almost sounds like a completely different band! A blend of haunting rock & roll, orchestration and dark textures (the crazed screaming in Part 2 makes this a must to play around Halloween time!) that sound like nothing else I’ve heard before or since. Wow!Worth hearing for the mind-blowing title suite, but you might want to give the first three tracks a pass.
~ By Progbear (RYM).

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