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Aidan Nolan - Tales From The Sun (us 1974)

Aidan Nolan - Tales From the Sun (us 1974)

Born:    Sydney, NSW, Australia

Currently:    Manhattan, NY, United States

Member of: Nolan McKinley

Also Known As: Fred Nolan

A1. Spaceman (3:59)
A2. One Out On A Limb (2:24)
A3. Till I Get Me Some Money (4:14)
A4. Thursday (2:48)
A5. Wastin' My Time (2:57)
A6. Melanie Moonbeam (3:32)
B1. Can't Go On Like This (3:10)
B2. Rock You (2:44)
B3. Laughing (1:44)
B4. Sweet Soft Summer Sound (3:02)
B5. Q (2:59)
B6. Down Again (2:45)

Aiden Nolan's first band was a folk duet with school friend John Mortimer called Garage Plus. Inspired by American delta blues bands he sang in the soul band Respect with co-singer Danny Kramer, Brian Thompson (keyboards) George Meek (drums), Ian Davidson (guitar) and Tony Derkinderen (bass).
After Respect he joined Daisy Roots with co-singer James Willebrandt, Alan Sandow (drums), John Miller (guitar), Chris Harder (bass) and Craig Mannell (keyboards).
After Daisy Roots split and while working various non-musical jobs to pay the bills, he again teamed up with Jamie McKinley to form Nolan McKinley and they released "Love Train" through Festival Records in 1971.
He then joined Scarecrow with Kim Tucker (bass), Greg Wilson (guitar) Rob Elliott (drums) and Michael Erikson (keyboards).
He persuaded Rob Elliott to drum for the next band he put together, Trust Me; with John Magee on lead guitar,  Gerry Murphy as the female vocalist, Mark Becker on bass and Denis Ferraro on keyboards, they played a number of original songs but sadly never recorded.
Finally, there was Beyond Madness, performing covers of Madness, Split Enz and Ian Dury songs with Mark Lacey (guitar), Greg Opie (bass), Dave Linwood (keyboards), Rob Norsworthy (trumpet), Mark Hudson (sax) and Billy Warnock on drums.
Aiden then took up teaching full time and disappeared from the scene until a chance discovery by Stephen Lightbody of Two Faced Records of his 1974 recordings of Tales From the Sun. Stephen embarked on a mission to track Aiden down which he finally accomplished in 2005 leading to the re-release of Aiden's records.
Aiden is now back from the wilderness writing and recording and promises more records in the future, both re-releases of forgotten recordings and new material.
 ~ By RYM.

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Anonymous said...

Great album. He is a terrific songwriter with tremendous versatility. I play this a lot, from start to finish.

Martin Z.

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is there any chance you could reup this lp? thank you

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NEW link posted. Enjoy!