Sunday, February 19, 2012

Roy Rutanen - Roy Rutanen (New Zealand 1972)

Roy Rutanen - Roy Rutanen (New Zealand 1972)
[Rare Pokora 5 stars]

- Album: Roy Rutanen
- Year: 1972
- Genre: Acid Folk Psych

Side 1:
01. Searchin 2:56
02. Plastic World 5:23
03. The Trip Song 9:24
04. AntiStink Song 0:36
05. The Old Man 5:03
Side 2:
06. The Country Song 4:17
07. Hitchin 6:03
08. Sinful Man 3:43
09. The Last Song 3:58

Thoroughly amazing psych-acid-folk from early 70s. Roy Rutanen hailed from New Zealand.
This album was recorded in Australia and released on MCA through Astor Records. Lots of acoustic and fuzz guitar and flute. As rare as dodo droppings, copies have sold from AU$610 to AU$1,500.

Special thanks to ZenBa for this rarity!
LP covers, or any information is welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, nice to see you're still in good shape, posting good music. Downloading right now ...

FanOfGreatSounds said...

Very interesting LP!
Can't wait to hear it ;-)
Thank you very much!