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Clap - Have You Reached Yet? (us 1972)

Clap - Have You Reached Yet ?  (us 1972, rare garage psychedelia)

Formed: 1972,    Torrance, CA, United States

* Steve Morrison (lead vocals, harp),
* Jim Morrison (bass, guitar, vocals),
* Dave Aurit (lead guitar, saxophone, vocals),
* Keith Till (guitar, vocals),
* Scott Mercier (drums, percussion),
* Les Hurst (drums).

Genres: Psychedelic Rock

Tracks Listing:
01. Out Of The Shadows (3:39)
02. My Imagination (4:02)
03. Middle Of The Road (3:27)
04. Get It While You Can (3:26)
05. Have You Reached Yet? (3:55)
06. Sweet Smell Of Success (4:01)
07. Stop Torturing Me (2:53)
08. Bluff'em All (2:55)
09. Only Just An Act (3:09)
10. Mornin' Thought (3:08)

"Like most followers of rare seventies rock esoterica I first heard about HAVE YOU REACHED YET? via the pages of the now-legendary BOMP fanzine. It was the surf issue if I recall correctly, and editor Greg Shaw, in the course of a pretty positive review, mentioned Clap's ability to mix up what seemed like a healthy late-sixties punk rock attitude with the prevailing hard rock winds of the early-seventies from whence this album came. The album was a charm with the hefty Rolling Stones influences so common of the day being reshaped by a strong Shadows of Knight snarl all filtered through an early seventies heavy metal consciousness giving us...a sound and style that although part and parcel to the stoner seventies mentality had a totally unique and refreshing approach that sounded as if it could stand on its own not only in 1972 but 1966 or even 1987 for that matter. It was teenage rock & roll that continued to sound so long after the entire teen mystique of the sixties and seventies shriveled away, yet it was hard enough for even the most experienced pothead at the supermarket to roll joints to during his coffee break.
     So for you youngsters here's an example of what "do it yourself" rock used to mean when you pretty much had to create your own fun, energies, and lives even from scratch and for your oldsters, now's the time to drag out the boas, the mascara and the nylons and re-live the post-Vietnam era the right way. Of course if you get arrested don't come complain' to me, but then again wouldn't that only add to the overall glam/slam effect so common during those rather peculiar times?"
 ~ (Chris Stigliano).
A definite lost gem amongst the pebbles of the 70's garage rock scene, Clap blends a gritty Exile-era stones flair with the sneer that so many of their garage-punk contemporaries brought to the table. Originally released in '73, Sing Sing Records has dug up this classic proto-punk record and pressed it back to its native format. There are hints of NYC pre-punk moves here but since the band was based in Southern California, the sea and sunshine mellow things out with a heavy dose of smoke and an easy strum. It makes for a unique balance of calm rebellion that should have gotten the band much more attention than they received at the time. Plus, with that mix of pop and sneer the album should appeal to fans of current RSTB faves like King Tuff and The People's Temple. Highly recommended that you pick one up!
 ~ errny-progrockplazerna.

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