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Farm - Farm (us 1971)

Farm - Farm (us 1971, Crusade Enterprises LPS-465)

Formed: 1969,    Mt. Vernon, IL, United States
Disbanded: 1973 // 

* Del Herbert (lead guitar),
* Gary Gordon (vocals, guitar, bottleneck guitar),
* Jim Elwyn (vocals, bass),
* Steve Evanchik (percussion, harmonica),
* Roger Greenwalt (keyboards),
* Mike Young (drums).

1 FARM (Crusade Enterprises LPS-465) 1971 R2
NB: (1) reissued as a 10" LP (Akarma AK2012) 2000.  

01. Jungle Song (instrumental)- 7:45
02. Let That Boy Boogie - 7:13
03. Sunshine In My Window  - 3:47
04. Cottonfield Woman  - 3:57
05. Statesboro Blues - 3:24

Farm was a late '60s band from Southern Illinois, whose bluesy, country rock style was very similar of that of The Allman Brothers, and Canned Heat. In fact, Farm did an excellent version of the The Allman Brothers' "Statesboro Blues", which is featured on their first and only album, and opened for some big name acts of the day such as Canned Heat. Farm so impressed Canned Heat's  manager at the time, he offered to represent them, but the band turned him down.
Sadly, Farm disbanded about a year after their debut album was released.
 ~ by RYM.
Recorded at Golden Voice Recording Studios in South Pekin, Illinois and released on a small record label from Flora, Illinois, this Farm released a very obscure and rare album of heavy garage psych with fuzz guitars, congas, mouth harp, organ, bottleneck and timbales. The album contains five tracks including Jungle Song, Let That Boy Boogie and Sunshine In My Window.
They thank a certain George Leeman as their friend and spiritual guide.            
 ~ (Stephane Rebeschini) / Fuzz, Acid & Flowers
The line up consisted of bassist Jim Elwyn, percussionist Steve Evanchik, singer/guitarist Gary Gordon, keyboard player  Roger Greenwalt, guitarist Del Herbert and drummer Mike Young.  I also know that their 1971 debut "Farm" was recorded at Golden Voice Studios in South Perkin, Illinois and was limited to a 500 copy pressing.  Featuring largely original material, the set's fairly varied.  The opening instrumental 'Jungle Song' and 'Sunshine In My Window' are both strong guitar-propelled numbers that sound heavily influenced by both The Allman Brothers and Santana.  Elsewhere, 'Cottonfield Woman' was a nice slice of blues-rock, while as you'd probably expect from the title 'Let the Boy Boogie' and a cover of 'Statesboro Blues' were okay slices of boogie. 
(Quoting from the liner notes - "Many thanks to George Leeman, our friend and spiritual guide"
- anyone know who Leeman is?)
 ~ Internet source.

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