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V.A. - Freakout U.S.A. (1967)

V.A. - Freakout U.S.A. (1967, Tower T-5901, Mono)

Side 1
A1. Freakout U.S.A. - The Aftermath (M. Curb)
A2. Psychotic Reaction - The Hands of Time (Ellner, Chaney, Atkison, Byrne, Michalski)
A3.Yellow Pill - Mom's Boys (Beckner, Hector, Martin, McClain, Wibier)
A4. Poisons in My Body - International Theatre Foundation (M. Cohen)
A5. I'm Losing It - The Glass Family (Parrett, Lamont)

Side 2
B1. Up and Down - Mom's Boys (Beckner, Hector, Martin, McClain, Wibier)
B2. Season of the Witch - The Mugwumps (Donovan)
B3. Number 1 Lover - Everybody's Children (J. Capps, M. Jay)
B4. Don't Try to Crawl Back - Jesters (Pittman, Fredrickson Jr.)
B5. I Like the Way You Freakout - The Hands of Time (H. Hatcher)

This is one of the better cash-in artifacts of the mid-60s teenquake. Released on the same label that produced soundtracks to American International Pictures biker flicks like The Wild Angels (on which The Hands of Time also appear), and featuring a title track written by an eventual California lieutenant governor. The Aftermath's segues from Standells' styled garage-punk to Jan & Dean sunshine harmonies and back are particularly winning. The Zappa-esque jazz freakout "Poisons in My Body" could be a serious bummer if your trip's not going well, but the fuzz guitar "I'm Losing It" will reel you back in.
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