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The Movements - Grains Of Oats (Swe 2006) [Alternate Cover], [Bonus Tracks]

The Movements - Grains of Oats (Swe 2006) [Alternate Cover], [Bonus Tracks]

Formed: 2001,   Gothenburg, Sweden

* David Henriksson (vocals),
* Gustaf Gimstedt (organ, piano, vocals),
* Christian "Krita" Johansson (guitar, vocals),
* Daniel "Dolly" Pettersson (bass),
* Thomas Widholm (drums)

Also Known As: The Lost Movements
Genres: Psychedelic Rock, Space Rock, Garage Rock, Garage Rock Revival

01. It Starts With a Whisper   3:42
02. Cry for You   2:49
03. Looking for a Change   2:51
04. Being   4:42
05. Five Steps Ahead   3:16
06. Instead of Catching a Disease   3:33
07. Image in the Mirror   2:03
08. Conceptual Love   4:24
09. Circle Ain't Round   2:55
10. Ain't Gonna Let You Mess Me Up   5:02
11. Space Autopsy   6:19
12. Ragdoll   
13. I Don't Wanna Be Like You   

“Yes, Yes and thrice Yes!! This bunch are a Swedish group and if you liked Sweden’s The Strollers then you will want this disc without doubt. The Movements have a strong affinity to the ‘Paint It Black’ school of minor key modal scale lead lines, but played on farfisa organ rather than guitar. Add some strong fuzztone guitar, well mixed back, leaving the keyboard to carry the melody and add a confident vocal, cleanly recorded and you have a perfect modern ’60s album. It is also not unduly reminsent of Sean Bonniwell’s Music Machine at times, and that’s no small compliment! This is a blinding set from start to finish. The Swedes and the Spanish (see Winnerys review further on) seem to be the global hubs for inventively modern 60s rooted music. From the opener ‘It Starts With A Whisper’, you know you will be on this ride until the end. The end comes 11 songs later with ‘Space Autopsy’ which is a great whirlwind of a number coloured by bleeps and various noises which conjure up a late 60s episode of the popular British science programme Tomorrow’s World take on what the future will sound like. I recommend this one very strongly and you can find out how to get it via their website, don’t hesitate!”
 ~ Paul Martin (Shindig magazine)

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