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Teina - Touched By The Sun (us 1969)

Teina - Touched by the Sun (us 1969, Perception Lp - PLP 015)

* John Trivers (Bass)
* Thom Kennett (Drums)
* Dan Bloch (Lead, Guitar)
* J.C. (11) (Rhythm Guitar)
* Bill Chelf (Piano)

- Neil Schwartz (Engineer)

A1. The Facts Of Life  2:50  
A2. Words Of Honor  3:25  
A3. Savage Child  2:40  
A4. 8 Million  3:11  
A5. Pity The Child  4:05  
B1. This Moment In My Life  2:53  
B2. Look Into The Faces  3:05  
B3. Do You Know Me Now  2:57  
B4. Hear Me Well My People  2:50  
B5. Too Soon  2:55  

Teina Richardson was one of Jimmy Curtiss’ discoveries when he launched his Perception label in 1969, her music was described as “Psychedelic Soul”, but it’s safe to label it folk, a nice "change of pace" lp.
Here’s a snippet about her and the record from GGP:
Around the turn of the decade, Curtiss fell heavy for the Native American trip. Where his motivation came from is unclear. “His real name might be Curtiz or Cortez or something like that, because the rare photos of the man, that I've seen, point to a Latin-American or Spanish origin.” That dubious sleuthing aside, there just may’ve been some new world blood a’mingling with the old, cuz Jimmy turned out to be one helluva scout. His first discovery was Teina, a dark-skinned fox of indefinite ethnic descent and the treacley voice of a sure thing. Teina’s sole offering, Touched by the Sun, showcased the young beauty, decked out in beaded garb and cradling what appears to be a stuffed (maybe it’s just sleeping) eagle against a Santa Fe sunset backdrop. The music was smooth, vaguely psychedelic soul dealing with themes of abandonment, unfairness towards her people, etc.. As impressive as it was, the Teina LP was merely a warmup for the indigenous dirty bomb that Curtiss was about to drop on the handful of record-buying young people that actually followed Perception’s sporadic release schedule. When the sun rose on the morning of June 12, 1970 and record store clerks threw open their doors, the shelves were lined with shiny new copies of Custer Died For Your Sins by a real-life American native with the pretty-unhip name of Floyd Westerman.

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