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Landberk - Riktigt Äkta (Swe 1992a)

Landberk - Riktigt äkta (Swe 1992a)

Formed: Sweden

* Patric Helje (vocals, guitar),
* Reine Fiske (guitar),
* Stefan Dimle (bass),
* Simon Nordberg (keyboards),
* Jonas Lidholm (drums)
* Andreas Dahlbäck / drums, percussion
* Simon Steensland / drums (track 7 only)

Studio albums:
- Riktigt Äkta, 1992
- Lonely Land (English version of Riktigt Äkta), 1992
- One Man Tell's Another, 1994
- Indian Summer, 1996
Live recordings:
- Unaffected, 1995
Singles and promotional recordings:
- Jag Är Tiden, 1994
- Dream Dance, 1995

Related Artists: Morte Macabre
Genres: Progressive Rock, Art Rock
Studio Album, released in 1992

01. I Nattens Timma (4:28)
02. Skogsrået (8:01)
03. Trädet (8:36)
04. Vår Häll (6:15)
05. Visa Från Kallsedet (6:28)
06. Undrar Om Ni Ser (8:36)
Bonus on Record Heaven CD and Lp:
07. Tillbaka (2:46)
Total Time: 45:10

Their first album was originally released in its Swedish-language version, Riktigt Äkta, which they re-recorded in English as Lonely Land. These appear to be two entirely different recordings; the Swedish version plays flatter and has a rawer sound than the English, and both albums have different bonus tracks, making them both essential for the aficionado. I Nattens Timma/Waltz Of The Dark Riddle is something of a 'Tron classic; Mellotron flute (underpinned with cello) and vocal, with the 'Tron (played by Simon Nordberg, incidentally) switching to strings halfway through each verse, coupled with a haunting melody that could only be Scandinavian. The rest of the album carries on in a similar vein, although there are a couple of slightly more upbeat numbers; Landberk were nothing if not melancholy, to the point where they made their aforementioned contemporaries sound like quintessential party bands. Well, nearly. There are too many highlights to name, but the 'Tron strings on Undrar Om Ni Ser
(redolent of Crimso's Epitaph) are really quite superb. One of the band's strengths was not overusing the 'Tron, although it would've been far too easy to have smothered the whole thing in it. Admirable restraint, and a great album.
 ~ internet source.
My first impression of this Swedish band's debut album was: boring as hell. After quite a bit of repeated listening, though, I've come to a different conclusion. While the music here is pretty simple (especially harmonically speaking), it creates a nice, melancholy mood using mellotron, flute, and guitar to good effect. Vocals are in Swedish (there is an English version on Laser's Edge entitled Lonely Land) and are pretty well-done: for the most part quite laid-back, fitting the slow, plodding mood of the disc. Guitar solos form the only real breaks from the broodingness of the music, and even those are somewhat cold: either chilly acoustic work (a la Robert Fripp's acoustic runs in "Cirkus" from Lizard) or a dirty, tortured tone from the electric guitar. Few specific influences come to mind, though there are definite similarities to early King Crimson, certain Änglagård passages (it's worth noting, though, that Riktigt Äkta was released before any Änglagård albums), quieter Anekdoten pieces, and perhaps the more mellow compositions out of 1970s Italy. While I am told that later albums by this band begin to steer closer to pop-prog territory, this is a worthy release for fans of Scandinavian prog that don't mind a lack of harmonic activity.
 ~ Review by Brandon Wu.
Nowadays, the Scandinavian scene sets the patterns between melancholy and tragedy within the realms of progressive rock. "Riktigt Äkta" is a rare composition, so human, so dark that evokes the deepest feelings you've been holding inside and will take you to the point where you can be exposed to the real essence of this symphonic masterpiece. Many Swedish bands are out there on the spotlight standing still to the inclemency of top prog bands, but its projection is greater than its anonymity. That'd be the particular case of ANEKDOTEN, which combined its talent with some of the skillful musicians of LANDBERK to produce in 1998 the ultimate instrumental progressive piece, "Symphonic Holocaust". The band commanded by Patrik HELJE on vocals, reached vertiginously its peak with debut album "Riktigt Äkta", making the rest of the LANDBERK experience worthwhile. Disbanded in 1996 right after "Indian Summer", the formula reinvented by the Swedish band will remain still no matter what musical changes or progressive tendencies.
Definitely, one of the best albums released in the early nineties. Get to know this proposing and enigmatic band, you'll be enchanted. No more to say.
 ~ Review by Cloud Zero.

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