Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cherubin - Our Sunrise (Ger 1974)

Cherubin - Our Sunrise (Ger 1974, United Artists UAS 29688)
Formed: Germany

* Andy Marx (guitars, banjo, sitar, vocals),
* Bo Born (organ, piano, vocals, Mellotron),
* Wolf Graf (bass),
* Pit Trojer (percussion, vocals),
* Eberhard "Hardy" Wilhelm (drums, vocals),
* Blandino Antonio Marinho (bass, vocals),
* Michael Hodjera (guitars, vocals),
* Thor Baldursson (piano),
* Dieter Bauer (bass),
* Frank Baum (pedal steel guitar),
* Wolfgang Grude (flute, tenor/alto saxophones).

Related Artists:
Dada, Hootchie Cootchie, Tax, Warmer Sudwind
Genre: German prog.

01. Funky Beat 8:01
02. East Wind Blowin' 4:01
03. Cracy 3:15
04. Sunrise 3:15
05. Sunday Child 3:11
06. The Letter 2:46
07. Bikini Panties and White Lipstick 1:17
08. One Way Ticket 3:55
09. Lost Lession In Time 3:11
10. Feel Is Real 6:13

These were amongst the most dismissible mainstream of "progressive" rock bands from Munich, typical of the mid-1970's I suppose, with a light progressive edge, in the German equivalent of the Audience cum Wishbone Ash type of vein. Andy Marx was previously with the similarly easy listening but more folky styled Tanned Leather.
Their debut OUR SUNRISE is only of marginal interest, having some enjoyable moments. We haven't heard the second! Take note of the interesting cast of guests on both of these.
~ Crack In The Cosmic Egg.

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Anonymous said...

Great, if only for completists like me. Muchas gracias. Has anybody the Tanned Leather LPs. Seems to be the last major label Kraut-related stuff that never appeared on a blog.

the purpleone said...

Loved it, also a comletist, great band line-up and guests, aah love those family tree connections.cheers from Oz.