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The Green Pajamas - Summer of Lust (us 1984)

The Green Pajamas - Summer of Lust (us 1984, Cassette Green Monkey GM010)

Formed: 1983, Seattle, WA, United States

* Joe Ross (bass, vocals),
* Jeff Kelly (guitar, vocals),
* Karl Wilhelm (drums),
* Bruce Haedt (keyboards, vocals, 1983-87),
* Steve Lawrence (guitar, bass, vocals, 1983-87),
* Eric Lichter (keyboards, percussion, vocals, 1997-present),
* Laura Weller (vocals, guitar, 1999-present)

Related Artists: Goblin Market

Genres: Neo-Psychedelia

01. Katie Lied 2:30
02. Anna Maria 3:35
03. My Mad Kitty 1:58
04. Another One of Those Nights 3:32
05. I Feel that Way All the Time 4:16
06. Mike Brown 3:03
07. Lost in a World 2:55
08. Feels Like a Murder 2:26
09. The Way I Feel About You 2:42
10. Dance with the Angels 4:05
11. In This Castle 3:24
12. Stephanie Barber 3:29
13. With a Flower in Her Hair 7:29
14. Green Pajamas 5:10

The neo-psychedelic band the Green Pajamas was founded in Seattle in 1983 by Jeff Kelly and Joe Ross. A lifelong music fan, Jeff Kelly began composing his first songs at the age of 11, forming a group called the Electric Garbage Cans; after his parents purchased him a reel-to-reel tape recorder, he spent his teenage years compiling literally hundreds of cassettes of original material. After graduating college, Kelly joined a new wave band dubbed the Larch; The year was 1983 when the Green Pajamas germinated in the minds of Joe Ross and Jeff Kelly after they met at a party and discovered a common interest in 60's psychedelia. With the Los Angeles "paisley underground" music scene of `83 spinning at full tilt, our fab duo decided to start a similar scene in their home town of Seattle. By spring of 1984 they had recorded and released a homemade cassette called Summer of Lust described by one U.K. journalist as "British-style psychedelia similar to Dukes of Stratosphear but moreoff-center and less pastiche. "
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wireless darkness said...

I continually come here and grab excellent old psych and kraut rock, so doubly thanks, but you may be interested in this album / blog post I did,

I could see it fulfilling your needs / something you post, with your focus on many countries' psychedelic rock compilations.

Anonymous said...

Been wanting to hear this for ages!! Heard a lot of this bands recent output but this is THE one to hear so I am told.MANY THANKS!! Gary in the UK

MrAoua said...

I think that'a a great Cassette.
I just uploaded 4 of the songs on youtube because these are the ones i prefer :)

Anna Maria

My Mad Kitty

I Feel that Way All the Time


The Way I Feel About You

Thank you very much for uploding this!!
Cheers, George.