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The Green Pajamas - Book Of Hours (us 1987)

The Green Pajamas - Book of Hours (us 1987, Di-Di records)

Formed: 1983, Seattle, WA, United States

* Joe Ross (bass, vocals),
* Jeff Kelly (guitar, vocals),
* Karl Wilhelm (drums),
* Bruce Haedt (keyboards, vocals, 1983-87),
* Steve Lawrence (guitar, bass, vocals, 1983-87),
* Eric Lichter (keyboards, percussion, vocals, 1997-present),
* Laura Weller (vocals, guitar, 1999-present)

1986 Line-up:
* Jeff Kelly, (guitar, vocals),
* Steve Lawrence, (bass, vocals, guitar),
* Karl Wilhelm, (drums),
* Bruce Haedt (keyboards ,vocals).

Related Artists: Goblin Market

Genres: Neo-Psychedelia

A1. Ten Thousand Words 3:38
A2. First Rains of September 4:26
A3. Stand to Reason 3:35
A4. The Night Miss Sundby Died 4:07
A5. A Murder of Crows 3:57
A6. Ain't So Bad 3:28
B1. Paula 3:35
B2. Men in Your Life 3:41
B3. Stand in the Light 3:46
B4. Bang Bang Your Dead 4:26
B5. Higher Than I've Been 3:06
B6. Time of Year 5:13

” The Pajamas somehow manage to sound like holding two kaleidoscopes side by side and using
them as binoculars to see the future of rock'n'roll ”
~ Phil McMullen, Bucketfull Of Brains magazine, July 1987
The neo-psychedelic band the Green Pajamas were founded in Seattle in 1984 by Jeff Kelly and Joe Ross. A lifelong music fan, Kelly began composing his first songs at the age of 11, forming a group called the Electric Garbage Cans; after his parents purchased him a reel-to-reel tape recorder, he spent his teenage years compiling literally hundreds of cassettes of original material. After graduating college, Kelly joined a new wave band dubbed the Larch; after meeting Ross at a party, they formed the Green Pajamas, informed by their mutual love of the Beatles and inspired by the Los Angeles "paisley underground" community. After debuting in 1984 with the cassette Summer of Lust on the Green Monkey label, the group issued a flurry of tapes before recording its full-length debut, Book of Hours, in 1987. After 1990's Ghosts of Love, the Green Pajamas went on hiatus, and Kelly issued the solo LP Coffee in Nepal in 1991; finally, in 1997 the band resurfaced with Doctor Dragonfly as well as Indian Winter, a compilation of singles and compilation tracks. All Clues Lead to Meagan's Bed followed in 1999 and Seven Fathoms Down and Falling arrived in 2000. The following year the Green Pajamas released the In a Glass Darkly EP, which was inspired by J.S. Le Fanu's writing, as well as the full-length This Is Where We Disappear. A mishmash of discarded singles and outtakes, Narcotic Kisses was released in 2002 along with a full-length album, Northern Gothic. The band celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2004, commemorating the event with a 14-track retrospective disc, Through Glass Colored Roses, and a live in-studio album, Ten White Stones. Another full-length studio effort, the unabashedly psychedelic 21st Century Seance, was released the following year. In 2006 the band released yet another compilation disc, Night Races into Anna, followed by the all new conceptual piece Poison in the Russian Room in 2009.
~ by Jason Ankeny, Rovi.

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