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Andy Fernbach - If You Miss Your Connexion (us 1969)

Andy Fernbach - If You Miss Your Connexion (us 1969)

* Ken Pustelnik - Drums (also of The Groundhogs)
* Andy Fernbach - Guitar, Main Performer, Vocals
* Peter Cruickshank - Bass (also of The Groundhogs)
* Chris Elvin - Harmonica
* J.D. Fanger - Guitar
* Dave Fernbach - Keyboards

01. Hard-Headed Woman (3:51)
02. Have Your Bags Soon Ready (4:09)
03. Someday (4:56)
04. Woman Goes From Man To Man (3:36)
05. By And By (2:59)
06. If You Miss Your Connexion (3:47)
07. That's All Right (4:51)
08. Hanging Around (For Something To Happen) (3:05)
09. Varying Speeds (2:57)
10. Moving On (2:57)

Fernbach's style is akin to acoustic Mississippi delta blues mixed with traditional Anglo-folk.
Both acoustic guitar and piano are featured throughout the LP with outstanding arrangements,
where the piano and/or guitar are used very effectively to provide bass accompaniment.
~ by Truncheon (RYM).
Stand-out tracks are the title track and 'Hangin' Around'.
This album "If You Miss Your Connexion" from 1969 by acoustic folk/blues singer "Andy Fernbach"
is not just a rare find, it is ultra rare. The vinyl for this out of print album fetches $500
sometimes. And for those collectors who know their stuff, it is probably worth it. So enjoy this
sweet rarity folks. And this one goes out to sosgotcha, who has this on his wishlist and left
comments on electricflower blog recently. Enjoy this charming album folks for the FIRST time in
a long time. The only other blogger to have posted this deleted their blog.
~ internet source.

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Hi JD Fanger is really Tony TS McPhee also of the Groundhogs!