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Frantics - Relax Your Mind (us 1968, Unreleased Live Lp)

Frantics - Relax Your Mind (us 1968, Unreleased since 1994 Live Lp)

Formed: 1965
Disbanded: 1971

About This album:
Released: 1994 Cicadelic Record (Col CD 0570),
Recorded: 1968 (unreleased) live material.

* Kim Sherman - (lead guitar, vocals),
* Max Byfuglin - (lead vocals),
* Dennis Devlin - (rhythem guitar, vocals, harmonica),
* David Day - (bass, vocal),
* Jim Haas - (keyboard, vocals),
* Phil (Gordo) Head - (Drums).

01. Her And Her Mountain
02. Lady Of The Night
03. Child Of The Universe
04. Sweet Mary
05. Think About It
06. Relax Your Mind
07. Just For Awhile
08. Stranger
09. She
10. Great Tomato
11. Scitnarf
12. Stone Goddess

Formed in 1965 in Billings, Montana, the Frantics were a sextet who drew their influences from Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, and, later, Jim Morrison (note the Lizard Records imprint for their second album). They were a little on the heavy side in terms of their musical approach, and were ambitious--they played throughout the United States and relocated several times, to New Mexico and then to Colorado Springs, Colorado, before settling in Los Angeles in 1969. The group released a pair of singles, "La Do Da Da" b/w "Route 66" and "Midnight To Six Man" b/w "Shady Sam." They also cut two albums, Relax Your Mind, which dated from 1968 and was unreleased until the 1990's, and a second album, Conception, late in their history. At around that same time, they dropped the "s" from their name and worked as The Frantic.
~ by Bruce Eder (AMG).
We are informed that this group hailed from Billings, Montana, originally, though they toured all over the country. In 1968 they relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico, then moved onto Colorado Springs before making L.A. their final base in 1969, removing the final 'S' from their name and recording the Conception LP. All told they lasted from 1965 to 1971 and just 1,000 copies of their first 45 were pressed back in 1966. The Conception album has been likened to early MC5, but the "Relax Your Mind" CD of an unreleased 1968 album, is more overtly psychedelic and is one of Collectables' more worthwhile reissues. It was recorded at Norman Petty's studio in Clovis, New Mexico. I wish that someone will reissued it on vinyl !!!
~ by Philmarie (RYM).

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