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V.A. - Acid Dreams Testament - 75 Minutes Of Psychotic Terror

V.A. - Acid Dreams Testament - 75 Minutes Of Psychotic Terror

Here's another great 60's garage and psychedelic rock compilation for you all. Liner notes were not included with this, and once again it's been hard for me to find out much information about this release. Most of the songs on this comp were recorded between 1966-69, with the exception of a track by Macabre, which was recorded in 74'. I'm not sure when this was originally released, or if it was orignally on vinyl, but it was reissued on CD by Head Records around 1987-88. Another comp entitled Acid Dreams Epitaph was also released, but the material on it isn't nearly as good as the music found on this comp. I'll post it for any completists who are interested in grabbing it also though.
~ by: Zer0_II.
We're not entirely sure if "terror" is the right way to describe this music -- but the striking subtitle definitely hints at the work within -- a pretty freaky batch of tunes from the late 60s American underground! The music's psyche, but with a garagey undercurrent too -- a great blend that almost borders on madness at times -- of the sort that we love in the best music of Love, and which we really enjoy here in the collection's host of contemporary groups who hit a very similar style!
~ by: dustygroove.
This collection expands on the original vinyl release of ACID DREAMS in 1979 with many of the same tracks, artists, and a promise of "75 minutes of psychotic terror" on the cover. With a remastered sound that emphasizes the vengeance with which bands like Balloon Farm, Outcasts, and Music Machine attacked three chord garage-psych, the collection delivers and then some. ~by:

Track List:
01. The Balloon Farm - A Question Of Temperature
02. The Music Machine - You'll Love Me Again
03. The Painted Faces - Anxious Color
04. The Velvet Illusions - Velvet Illusions
05. The Unrelated Segments - Cry Cry Cry
06. The Outcasts - I'll Set You Free
07. Murphy & The Mob - Born Loser
08. The Sparkles - No Friend Of Mine
09. The Painted Ship - Frustration
10. Mouse & The Traps - Maid Of Sugar, Maid Of Spice
11. Macabre - Be Forewarned
12. The Calico Wall - I'm A Living Sickness
13. The Velvet Illusions - Acid Head
14. White Lightning - William
15. The Outcasts - 1523 Blair
16. The Zakary Thaks - I Need You
17. The Painted Ship - Little White Lies
18. Swamp Rats - Louie Louie
19. The Unrelated Segments - It's Unfair
20. The Shy Guys - Black Lightening Light
21. The Bourbons - A Dark Corner
22. The Mind's Eye - Help, I'm Lost!
23. The Stereo Shoestring - On The Road South
24. The Zakary Thaks - Can't You Hear Your Daddy's Footsteps
25. The Caretakers Of Deception - Cuttin' Grass
26. The Remaining Few - Painted Air
27. Teddy & His Patches - Suzy Creamcheese
28. Puddin' & Pipe - Hashish

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