Monday, September 14, 2009

La Vida - La Vida (Mexico 1971)

La Vida - La Vida (Mexico 1971)

Formed: Guadalajara, JAL, Mexico

* Antonio Gutiérrez Fernández (vocals, guitar),
* Luis Enrique Gutiérrez Fernández (bass),
* Fernando Gutiérrez Fernández (keyboards, vocals),
* Tomás Escudero (drums),
* José Luis Garrido (guitar, percussion).

01. Around Me
02. Touch Me
03. Words Of King
04. Sharon
05. History Man
06. Listen My Song
07. Rollin Baby
08. The Life Is Golden
09. Coffe And Milk
10. Open The Door
11. Peace Of Mind

Essential Mexican album from 1971.A fantastic blend of psychedelic rock and garage punk with great Doors / Seeds like keyboards and freaky wah wah guitar sounds that clash with funky Latin American percussion.If you dug the Mexican Kaleidoscope album then you'll also like this !
Musically similar to the Kaleidoscope albumwith absolute KILLER fuzz tracks and top-notch swirling organ madness.A great and essential garage psych rock album that is one of the jewells of South America.
~ by: Opa-Loka
Enjoy !!!

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Anonymous said...

seems like Opa-Loka doesn't know that Mexico ISN'T South America... thanks a lot for posting this album!!!