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The Coffin Daggers - The Coffin Daggers (us 2005)

The Coffin Daggers - The Coffin Daggers (us 2005)
[Urko Records, CD-R URKO 002, surf EP]

Formed: 1998,   Jamaica, NY, United States

* Viktor Dominicis (guitars, echoplex, theremin),
* Dan Terchek (electric piano, electric organ, rhythm guitar),
* Greg Clarke (drums),
* Peter Klarnet (bass)

Year of Release: 2005
Label: Urko Records
Genre: Instrumental, Surf

-The Coffin Daggers - st LP
-The Coffin Daggers - st EP
-Something Wicked This Way Comes - Single
-Out of Limits - EP

01. Coffin Dagger
02. Parasite
03. Shark Attack
04. Cat's Eyes
05. Monsters From The ID
06. Caravan

The Coffin Daggers deliver an all out attack on the senses drawing from diverse influences, ranging from Dick Dale, Henry Mancini, Link Wray, and the Cramps. Viktor Venom, one of the founders of Nausea, founded the group early in 1999. Vik's punk influences (he has also worked with Reagan Youth and Chaos UK) give the band's music a unique melodic sensibility. Guitar Player observed that he "moves proceedings beyond mere era emulation by unleashing a rude and vicious riff that would have made Link Wray smile" A staple of the New York live music scene, the group has released a full-length album and two singles to critical acclaim.
Their performances have floored both European and American audiences from start to finish, prompting Chart magazine to declare "no one comes close to The Coffin Daggers when it comes to all-out intensity...they will stomp a mudhole into your fragile minds."
The Coffin Daggers are currently putting the finishing touches on their next LP release "Monsters from the ID" which will be released in 2011.
The Coffin Daggers are a phenomenal four piece surf instrumental act with a big, big sound and a really dark feel, with plenty of creepy reverb-laden guitar and organ.
Their sound is crisp, clear and perfect.
These in your face horror hits may be just what your Halloween '08 party mix is missing.
 ~ by almost certainly Edward. 
Taking advantage of my revivalistic mood, here's another wonderful guitar based band from New York. They are led by Viktor Venom, former guitarist of the hardcore punk bands Reagan Youth and Chaos UK.
The first track, "Coffin Dagger", is really electrifying, although it has an obvious strong influence of Dick Dale. The last track is a great cover version of Duke Ellington's "Caravan".
 ~ by Deaf, Dumb, Blind.

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