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Jeff Kelly - Coffee In Nepal (us 1987)

Jeff Kelly - Coffee in Nepal (us 1987)

* Born in Seattle, WA;
* wife: Susanne.

* Formed the Green Pajamas with Joe Ross, 1984;
* released Book Of Hours, 1987;
* released Summer of Lust with the band before it broke up, 1990;
* released solo albums Coffee In Nepal, 1990, and Ash Wednesday Rain, 1995;
* resurrected Green Pajamas with Indian Winter, 1997;
* released the Green Pajamas’s All Clues Lead To Megan’s Bed, 1999;
* released solo album Melancholy Sun and the Green Pajamas’s Narcotic Kisses, 2000.

A1. In the Blue Light   3:36
A2. He's Married   4:15
A3. Sleepy People   3:43
A4. Maria   5:22
A5. Oh How I Love You   6:43
B1. Panda   5:11
B2. Don't Ever Go   2:16
B3. A Quiet World   3:18
B4. Coffee in Nepal   1:53
B5. I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died   1:42
B6. Pony and Me   5:51
B7. Hearts and Flowers   3:27

Kelly's principal gig throughout most of his career has been as guitarist and frequent singer/songwriter for the Green Pajamas, an unexceptional '60s retro-style Seattle indie band. His solo outings, however, reveal a sensitive singer/songwriter -- in the best sense of that often pejorative term -- who recalls melancholic '60s icons such as Ray Davies and Tim Buckley without aping them. His grainy, straining voice is the very definition of a "yearning" vocalist, and well-suited to the ethereal and clouded romances he often details in his lyrics. Far more acoustic-oriented and simply produced than the Green Pajamas releases, his late-'80s cassette-only albums were among the most overlooked items in the Seattle scene, and indeed in indie rock as a whole.
In the '90s, Kelly continued to make solo releases that generally retained the strengths of his early work while embellishing the arrangements with more instruments and production sheen, with mixed results. While the first of his '90s solo albums (1992's Private Electrical Storm was again a cassette-only affair; in 1995 he issued his first widely available domestic solo CD, Ash Wednesday. This had a fuller band sound and more sophisticated production finish than his more basic cassette releases. 1997's The Rosary and the House of Jade, though a full album based loosely around the concept of an affair with a British spy and as well-produced as any of his prior solo efforts, was originally unreleased, as Kelly limited its production to 50 cassette copies given away to friends. The Rosary and the House of Jade, however, did get released as one CD in the four-CD Australian box set Melancholy Sun, which also included three prior albums (Coffee in Nepal, Portugal, and Private Electrical Storm) that had originally been issued only on cassette. While not exactly a high-profile release, this did at least put much of Kelly's solo catalog on CD, and increased the availability of product by one of the most underexposed American indie rock talents of the '80s and '90s. There is yet another Kelly cassette-only solo album, Twenty Five, which has escaped wide distribution. It was only given to his wife Susanne (who has contributed vocals to some Kelly solo tracks) as a birthday present, and to a few other friends. Kelly has no plans to put it out in its original form, although some of the songs later appeared on releases by the Green Pajamas. Along with the highly prolific period the Pajamas entered into in the late '90s, Kelly also released Indiscretion, which melded Catholic guilt with songs inspired by painters like Balthus and James Tissot and writers such as Matthew Lewis and C.S. Lewis.
 ~ Richie Unterberger, Rovi
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Not many people heard Kelly in the late '80s, even within the alternative rock community, for two reasons: his albums were only available on cassette, and his moody folk-rock was totally out of sync with the rest of the Seattle indie scene.
That's unfortunate, as this solo debut revealed him as a tuneful, but not sappy, troubadour singing sad, quirky, but appealing songs. Influenced by late-'60s psychedelia and British folk-rock, with a vocal timbre reminiscent of British rockers such as Ray Davies and the Zombies' Colin Blunstone, the arrangements put acoustic guitars to the fore, with tasty touches of light percussion, sitar, and Casio. Originally issued on cassette only in 1987 by Green Monkey, it also appeared on LP on DiDi Music in 1992, and then as one of four CDs in the 1999 box set Melancholy Sun. That package also included a couple of other albums originally released only on cassette and an otherwise unavailable 1997 album, The Rosary and the House of Jade.
 ~ Richie Unterberger, Rovi
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