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V.A. - Off The Wall Volumes 1 & 2 (2009)

V.A. - Off The Wall Volumes 1 & 2 (2009)
(Off The Wall And Skeletons In The Closet)

Product Details:
Title: Off The Wall Volumes 1 & 2
Catalogue Number: PAPR2CD2092
Label: Past & Present
Details: 2CD
Original Release Date: (April 14, 2009)

Originally issued by the U.K. imprint Past & Present in the late `80s, these compilations of shockingly primitive, unrepentantly shambolic late-`60s garage rock and psychedelia helped to spark the English freakbeat revival of the early `90s. Though the teen combos on display here are sometimes musically inept, their wild enthusiasm and sneering adolescent cool more than make up for any technical shortcomings.

Track Listing:
DISC 1: "Off the Wall"
01. I'm A Nothing - The Magic Plants
02. I'm Down Today - The Drones
03. That's Tuff - The Shademen
04. Someday Baby - The Untamed
05. Hey Mama - Peter & the Wolves
06. Only Everything - Peter & the Wolves
07. Mister Genie Man - Society's Children
08. Other Way Around, The - Heathens
09. Alright - Legends
10. Unchain My Heart - The Undertakers
11. I'll Be Gone - The Opposite Six
12. Count Back - Purple Underground
13. Don't Miss The Turn - The Trees
14. Kick Me - Ray Columbus and the Art Collection
15. Put The Clock Back On The Wall - The E-Types
16. All Night Long - The Bad Seeds
17. Last Time Around - The Del-Vetts
18. She Needs Me - The Grains of Sand

DISC 2: "Skeletons in the Closet"
01. Someday Fool, A - M.G. & The Escorts
02. I'm Gonna Go Now - Wrong Numbers
03. Mod Threads - The Glass Menagerie
04. It's Trash - The Cave Men
05. You Lied To Me Before - The Treez
06. Don't Play With Me - The 3rd Evolution
07. I'm Blue - The Kinetics
08. Bad Woman - The Fallen Angels
09. Powered By Love - Powered By Love
10. Seventeen Tears To The End - Liverpool Set
11. Lovin' Cup - The Triumphs
12. Great Train Robbery, The - Little Boy Blues
13. I'm Ready - Little Boy Blues
14. Hey, Hey - Sound Barrier
15. On The Road Again - Deverons
16. Searching - The Omens
17. Pretty Little Thing - Deepest Blue
18. I'm Gonna Dance - Decades

Once upon a time I walked into Landspeed Records, and the garage rock mania filling the room turned out to be the Primary Colours album from Eddy Current Suppression Ring.  It was good to once again be reminded of the considerable mileage gained over the years from a combination of three chords and snarling attitude.  And given the sheer volume of garage rock compilations that have appeared in the wake of that momentous pre-Ramones Nuggets set released in 1972, the success rate has been pretty good. Off The Wall first appeared on LP in the early 1980s when the garage rock reissue market was still in its nascent phase, and contains bucket loads of impolite hormone saturated rock ‘n’ roll that sprouted all over the place around 1966. It is in fact heartening to consider that raw-beat rock music has maintained its place in the pantheon of the greats because of sheer perseverance, if nothing else. This welcome Off the Wall reissue compiles a bunch of bands that were destined to never receive much attention from the mainstream music industry for the simple reason that the guitars are way too distorted, the production is sometimes a product of the stone age, and that niggling suffering at the hands of the opposite sex is ever present. With this in mind, The Purple Underground with its unrestrained 1967 rave-up Count Back will tell you pretty much everything you need to know.
 ~ by:
‘Every track is a winner in the classic '66-67 punk mold… recycles killers from the Chicago scene along with several here-only rarities from all over’ lysergia. At long last, here is the eagerly-awaited CD debut of two of the most legendary US garage compilations of all time. Originally issued in the early 1980s and featuring 36 of the greatest and rarest American punk sides of the 1960s – from California, Texas, NYC and Kentucky to Ohio, Florida, Milwaukee and much more – it’s plain essential for all fans of heavy rock and roll, and is presented here as a 2-disc set, complete with a full booklet offering biographical information on all the artists, as well as many rare pictures.


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