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The Gitanes - Cloudy Draw (Fra 2005)

The Gitanes - Cloudy Draw (Fra 2005)

* Mark Enbatta (vocals, guitars),
* Lucas Trouble (vocals, keyboards, bass guitar),
* Eric Lenoir (drums).

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- Label:Nova Express
- Catalog#:10097
- Country: France
- Released: 2005
- Genre: Rock
- Style: Psychedelic Rock

01. Bang Bang   
02. The Wheels   
03. Try   
04. Welcome To Oblivion   
05. Still Untold Story   
06. Ghost Riders In The Sky   
07. Inside Looking Out   
08. Heaven Above   
09. The Tides Inside   
10. The Iraqi Caravan   
11. Salty Love   
12. The Wedding Bells   
13. Lusitanian Scalpers   
14. The Wounded One   
15. Bang Bang (single version)   
16. Three Reasons   

- Recorded at the Kaiser Studio
- Inspiration once provided by Sandoz

The Gitanes - Cloudy Draw - Ghost Riders in the Sky

"Ghost Riders in the Sky" is subtitled "a cowboy legend", but the truth is that the legend is much older than the culture of the American West. When it began, no one can say -- its origins are lost in the beginning of time itself.
Certainly it has existed since at least the fifth century BC, when the Greek goddess Hecate rode at its head. Probably there has been a phantom band of riders since mankind first learned to ride. For as long, indeed, as there has been the hunt. more of this from : the scenes from the video were taken from the film, sukiyaki western django, by Tarantino.
 ~ internet sources.

The Gitanes - Cloudy Draw - Inside Looking Out

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