Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Klockwerk Orange - Abrakadabra (Austria 1975)

Klockwerk Orange - Abrakadabra (Austria 1975 prog)

Studio Album, released in 1975

Track Listings:
01. Dounyunohedeprinces (11:38)
02. The Key (11:52)
03. Abrakadabra (21:21)

Total Time: 44:51

- Herman Delago / guitar, organ, synthesizer, trumpet, vocals
- Markus Weiler / organ, E-E-piano, synthesizer
- Guntram Burt / bass, guitar, vocals- Wolfgang Boeck / drums, turbular bells.

* Sound Engineer: Franz Koch (Koch Records)

Releases information LP CBS S 81119 (1975)

Another ELP-type of keyboard-fronted band. Nothing earth-shaking here, but well done of its type. Descends into silly circus-music at times, but there aren’t any cheesy classical covers anywhere on this. Oddly, there’s an inordinate amount of trumpet on this album, strange that no-one’s actually credited as PLAYING the trumpet!
~ by Progbear (RYM).

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