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The Legend - The Legend (us 1968 Megaphone s-101)

The Legend - The Legend (us 1968 Megaphone s-101)

Formed: Los Angeles, CA, United States

- Jack Duncan (bass),
- Barry Davis (drums, backing vocals),
- Gerry Jimerfield (guitar, lead vocals),
- Randy Russ (guitar, backing vocals),
- Ernie McElwaine (keyboads)

Related Artists: Lords of London, The Pawns

Also Known As: Dragonfly

A1. With a Girl Like You
A2. The Sky That Is Blue
A3. Zepelin's Good Friday
A4. Where oh Where Is My Mother
A5. Yesterdays Child
A6. Eyes of the World
B1. The Kids Are Allright
B2. Cold Wind in August
B3. Sunny Day
B4. You'll Be Sorry Someday
B5. Gigi B6. Baby Blue

Reviews from
Offering up a mixture of originals and popular covers (Bob Dylan, The Troggs, The Who), musically the set wasn't particularly original. With the band credited with half the material, tracks such as 'The Sky That Is Blue', 'Zepplin's Good Friday' and 'Yesterday's Child' showcased a tasty blend of tight, Beatlesque harmonies and surprisingly commercial melodies. It wasn't perfect with the band occasionally drifting too close to Mamas & Papas-styled MOR ('Gigi'). Far more impressive were the band's stabs at a harder rock sound, including the fuzz guitar and feedback propelled 'Where Oh Where Is Mother' and their vox-powered cover of Dylan's 'Baby Blue'; always liked the song's sitar fadeout. All told, the results weren't half bad; an album I pull out from time to time.
~ [SB]

The non-LP 45 track "Portrait Of Youth" is an excellent track, other than that I'm not a great fan of this outfit. The LP has covers of the Who, Troggs, Dylan and more. The band had an earlier local 45 as the Obvious on the Cheetah label. The band is often linked to Dragonfly, but we've been unable to find any obvious connection except the "Portrait" track and the label.
~ [PL]

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