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The Third Bardo - Lose Your Mind (us 1967 EP)

The Third Bardo - Lose Your Mind (us 1967 EP)

Formed: New York, NY, United States

*Jeff Monn [born Jeffrey Neufeld] (vocals, guitar),
*Ricky Goldklang (guitar),
*Richy Seslowe (guitar),
*Damian Kelly (bass),
*Bruce Ginsberg (drums)

Related Artists: Chris Moon

1(A) LOSE YOUR MIND (7") (Sundazed SEP 106) 1993
2(A) THE THIRD BARDO (10") (Sundazed SEP 10-160) 2000
(1) contains Five Years Ahead Of My Time, Lose Your Mind, I Can't Understand Your Problem and Dawn Of Tomorrow. The latter three are previously unreleased. The EP was released on yellow vinyl.
(2) gathers all their 1967 recordings - essentially adding two versions of My Rainbow Life (one previously unheard) to the 7" EP tracks.
1(A) I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time/My Rainbow Life (Roulette 4742) 1967 A New York outfit.

"I'm looking somewhere for a new dimension, I'm leaving it all so far behind, Don't waste any time girl, step inside my mind...I'm five years ahead of my time". From the opening lines of The Third Bardo's awesome garage psych single of 1967, one knew trouble was brewing inside the youth of America. The barriers that seperated them from their parents generation couldn't have been pulled further apart. Later in the song Jeff Monn sings, "I'm doing exactly what I want to, Society can't play with my mind"- this is a true wake up call that these guys were out-a-site and from outer space. "Five Years..." is one of the classic cuts that emerged out of the underground 60's. Five Years ahead? Hell, was this really recorded in 1967? This is a brilliant garage psych burner and no doubt most people will only know the band through this one song. However, as good as this track is, they also cut a handful of others that were equally as good as their first nugget. Thanks to Sundazed for unearthing these lost tracks and giving them the spotlight they so deserve, we are now re-introduced to this bloody excellent NYC band. Vocals that shriek, guitars that glide in and out of "another dimension" and a bass line that pulsates like a heartbeat, The Third Bardo had it all and then in a flash, they were gone. Their cover of Rusty Evans' (from The Deep) "Rainbow Life" is just as awesome as their first single. It was in fact originally released as the B-Side to "Five Years". Imagine, being a teenager in 1967 and coming home with this 45! Woah! It must have blown people away for better or worse. Also worth mentioning is the 1980's Rhode Island band Plan 9 who do a killer version of "Five Years Ahead of My Time". ~ Reviewed by BlueMagoo - 20th September 2002
Their name, chosen by lead singer Jeffrey Monn and extracted from the 'The Tibetan Book of the Dead', refers to a "return to reality". The inclusion of I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time on Pebbles, Vol. 3 (LP) has made it something of a classic among collectors of psychedelic punk. Deservedly so in view of its haunting intro and fine fuzztone guitar work. Subsequently it has resurfaced on other compilations:- Born Bad (The Songs The Cramps Taught Us), Songs We Taught The Cramps, Nuggets Box (4-CD), Pebbles Vol. 3 (CD), Trash Box (5-CD) and Best of Pebbles, Vol.1 (LP & CD). Rusty Evans of The Deep/Freak Scene wrote the 45 for The Third Bardo along with songwriter Victoria Pike, who was married to The Third Bardo's producer Teddy Randazzo (of Roulette Records) at the time. The excellent flip side of the 45 can also be heard on Vile Vinyl, Vol.2 (LP) and Magic Carpet Ride (LP) whilst another version of it appears on Freak Scene's Psychedelic Psoul LP. If that wasn't enough, David Walters (author of the excellent "Children of Nuggets" book) has pointed out that the version of My Rainbow Life on Glimpses, Vol. 4 (LP) is an acetate version, 20 seconds shorter than the final single and with a different mix! Both sides of the 45 can also be now heard on Psychedelic Microdots Of The Sixties, Vol. 3 (CD). In the early seventies, their lead singer Neufeld released an album under another pseudonym, Chris Moon. In the 1980s The Nomads did a fine cover version of I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time and Kenne Highland's Majestic Gizmos reworked it into He's Five Beers Ahead Of Your Time (!) on the LP of that name. In 1999, Rusty Evans has helped re-record I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time, My Rainbow Life and a number of other tracks with his son's band Kaos. Although currently unreleased, the new recordings are great, capturing the spirit of the originals. Rusty may also be writing some new material for The Third Bardo themselves, who played live again on May 16th 1999 with a line-up of Jeff Moon aka Neufeld, Damian Kelly and Ricky GoldClang from the original band. As for former drummer Bruce Ginsburg, his whereabouts are unknown - somewhere in California, whilst Richie Seslowe sadly died of a drug overdose in the eighties.
~ (Vernon Joynson / Max Waller / John P. Melendez)

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