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The Serpent Power - The Serpent Power (us 1967)

The Serpent Power - The Serpent Power (us 1967)

Formed: 1966, San Francisco, CA, United States
Disbanded: 1968 //

*David Meltzer (guitar, harmonica, vocals),
*Tina Meltzer (vocals),
*Denny Ellis (lead guitar, 1966-67),
*David Stenson (bass, 1966-67),
*John Payne (organ, 1966-67),
*Clark Coolidge (drums),
*J.P. Pickens (electric banjo, 1967-68),
*Bob Cuff (lead guitar, 1967-68),
*Jim Mocoso (bass, 1967-68)

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01. Don't You Listen to Her 2:20
02. Gently, Gently 2:36
03. Open House 3:31
04. Flying Away 4:26
05. Nobody Blues 3:50
06. Up and Down 3:37
07. Sky Baby 2:32
08. Forget 3:34
09. Dope Again :47
10. Endless Tunnel 13:14

The legendary Serpent Power's sole album, a psychedelic masterpiece by David and Tina Meltzer. The Serpent Power was a San Francisco Band led by poet David Meltzer formed in 1966.Tasty mellow guitar work on tracks such as "Gently, Gently" , "Open House" and beautiful female vocals by Tina Meltzer. Excellent acid psych, particularly on the cut 'Endless Tunnel' which mixes western and eastern styles to great effect. RECOMMENED !!!
~ by dj fanis.
Fronted by San Franciscan poet David Meltzer, the Serpent Power was a sunshiny folk-rock group, whose songs were musical translations of Meltzer's poetry. They were first noticed by Ed Denton, manager of Country Joe and the Fish, when he saw them perform at their first-ever gig, a benefit for the Telegraph Neighborhood Center. This was in November of 1966 — Denton recommended them to Vanguard Records (Country Joe's label) and by 1967 the band was signed and had released their first and only album.The Serpent Power was formed by Meltzer and his wife Tina (who sang both lead and harmony vocals), and also included Denny Ellis and David Stenson on lead guitar and bass, respectively, both of whom had gotten their start with San Francisco folksters the Grass Roots. The band became a full rock outfit with the inclusion of John Payne on organ and Clark Coolidge on drums. The album, also entitled The Serpent Power, received a somewhat limited pressing and, despite featuring some excellent examples of folk-rock, the band never got that big, known mostly within the San Francisco area. The album's last track was a raga-rock epic which included electric banjo player JP Pickens, who stayed on as a permanent member as the band entered its second incarnation.Ellis, Stenson, and Payne left shortly after The Serpent Power was recorded, replaced by Bob Cuff (who'd come over from folk-pop band the Mystery Trend), on lead guitar and Jim Mocoso on bass. Although they continued reaching in ever-more exploratory directions, the band didn't record another album, and disbanded in 1968. David and Tina Meltzer went on to record another album, Poet's Song, under their own names.
~ by Dmitrich.

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