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Twentieth Century Zoo - Thunder On A Clear Day (us 1968 Fuzzy Bluesrock)

Twentieth Century Zoo - Thunder on a Clear Day (us 1968 Fuzzy Bluesrock)
Ripped from Sundazed CD SC 11063 by James Lee @ 256 b/s

Formed: 1967, Phoenix, AZ, United States
Disbanded: 1970 //

*Bob Sutko (vocals, harmonica),
*Allan Chitwood (bass),
*Greg Farley (guitar),
*Paul "Skip" Ladd (lead guitar),
*Randy Wells (drums).

Related Artists: Solid Ground
Also Known As: The Bittersweets

1(A) THUNDER ON A CLEAR DAY (Vault 122) 1968
NB: (1) reissued on CD by Afterglow in 1995, and again by Sundazed with extra tracks: both Caz 45s, the final Vault 45 and three unreleased cuts Country, Hall Of The Mountain King and Enchanted Park (Sundazed SC 11063) 1999.
1 TWENTIETH CENTURY ZOO (PS) (Sundazed SEP 145) 1999
1 You Don't Remember/Clean Old Man (Caz L- 103) Nov. 1967
2 Love In Your Face/Tossing And Turning (Caz L-104) Apr. 1968
3 Rainbow/Bullfrog (Vault 948) 1969
4 Only Thing That's Wrong/Stallion Of Fate (Vault 961) 1970

NB: A few copies of (1) came with a picture sleeve, which now command high prices.

01. You Don't Remember [45 Version] 2:51
02. Clean Old Man 2:39
03. Love in Your Face [45 Version] 2:05
04. Tossin' and Turnin' 2:18
05. Quiet Before the Storm 4:56
06. Rainbow 4:17
07. Bullfrog 6:39
08. Love in Your Face 3:20
09. You Don't Remember 3:09
10. It's All in My Head 5:06
11. Blues With a Feeling
12. Only Thing That's Wrong 2:46
13. Stallion of Fate 2:58
14. Country 2:56 1
15. Hall of the Mountain King 3:02
16. Enchanted Park 4:29

The band called Twentieth Century Zoo hailed from the same Arizona desert land that spawned Phil and the Frantics, Kennelmus, and Alice Cooper's original band, the Spiders. This 'shroom fest includes their lone album for Vault, rare early singles (nice versions of "Tossin' and Turnin'" and the early version of "Love in Your Face"), and the requisite unissued demos, all recorded between 1966 to 1968. Another great psychedelic chunk of garage band gets trippy, reissued back from obscurity.
~ Review by Cub Koda.
Hailing from the same gila monster-infested Arizona desert wilderness that produced an unlikely harvest of fertile bands (Alice Cooper's Spiders, Kennelmus, Phil & The Frantics) the Twentieth Century Zoo were the paradigm of what was happening to music as 1966 blossomed into 1967-68. These Phoenix shroom-heads stirred the savage fuzzback-laced sounds of the garage generation into the brain-baking trippiness of the emerging SF ballroom scene and made a concoction all their own. Includes the entire scarce Vault-label album, obscenely rare early single sides, unissued cuts and more!
~ Review by ChrisGoesRocks/s.
Recorded in Los Angeles, this is a fair album. It's predominantly bluesy with a splattering of sound effects. The 'A' side to their first 45 was re-recorded when they signed to Vault in 1969. Their last, Only Thing That's Wrong is a non-LP country rocker. Thought to be a Los Angeles band they were actually from Phoenix, Arizona and were known until late 1967 as the Bittersweets, releasing three locally successful and now sought-after 45s before they added Ladd (from the Laser Beats) to the line-up and changed their name. Bennett was drafted late 1967 and replaced by Randy Wells (ex-Sounds Incorporated/Solid Ground). The Sundazed EP features three of the four Caz 45 tracks - Clean Old Man is missing for reasons unknown. Still, a welcome reissue and a chance to sample their earlier rampant fuzz-heavy-garage sounds that were somewhat diluted by the time of the album. The Sundazed CD is recommended. Compilation appearances include: Bullfrog (45 ver.) and Only Thing That's Wrong on Mindrocker, Vol. 13 (LP); You Don't Remember (45 ver.) on Psychedelic Disaster Whirl (LP) and An Overdose Of Heavy Psych (CD); Stallion Of Fate on Filling The Gap (4-LP).
~ Review by Vernon Joynson / Max Waller.

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