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Days - Days (Denmark 1971)

Days - Days (Denmark 1971, Spectator)

Formed: 1967, København, Denmark

* Peter Lindhe (drums),
* John Kjaergaard (vocals, rhythm guitar, 1967-69),
* Ole Fester (vocals, bass, 1967-71),
* Lars Reinau (vocals, lead guitar, 1967-71),
* Jørn Anker (Hammond organ, 1969-?).

A1. Preambulum
A2. Discovery in Blues
A3. Believe Me
A4. Feel the Joy
B1. What Can I Do
B2. The Lonely Shepherd Boy
B3. Globe Without a Soul

This release offers in fact all the best elements a 70s rock band was able to offer, and which I won’t expect to find any more in almost any band of today. First of all, they make me realize how charming a Hammond organ can sound as a contribution to this sound. Also, this organist is really talented by bringing in surprising themes like a classical inspiration (intro) or a circus-barrel theme (fun outro), with many surprising breaks, in rhythm and style (like with small jazzier or bluesier instrumental passages), without any exaggeration of doing so. Most of all the evolution in the songs with its instrumental parts isn’t straight forward at all. There are perfect, calm, smooth evolutions, with breathing progressions, with nice sounding songs and vocals, with very harmonious and subtle arrangements with classical composition ability, without forgetting the smoothness, with a fluently direct performance with an intelligent cooperative group’s strength band where each member counts as much as the other for the composition and performance’s results, I hardly find such an approach in any today’s music : where everyone is really listening to the other one’s lines, but still make another and different additional layer that organically fits within the evolution of the composition, and nice electric guitar solos with moody organ. The album has everything to name it a classic.
~ Internet Source.
"From Denmark 1970; LP in edition of 450 numbered copies, glossy heavy sleeve, 180 gram pressing, insert. The Danish group Days was formed in Copenhagen in the winter 1967/68 by Peter Lindhe (drums), John Kjaergaard (vocals/rhythm guitar), Ole Fester (vocals/bass) and Lars Reinau (vocals/lead guitar). The bands repertoire was mainly rock and blues oriented with cover versions of songs from John Mayalls Bluesbreakers, Cream, Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones. During 1968/69 Peter Lindhe and Lars Reinau started writing original material to the band and the repertoire started changing from rock/blues cover versions to self composed more lyrical songs with elements of the Beatles, Procol Harum and (early) Deep Purple. In 1969 Jørn Anker (Hammond organ) joined the band and he too started contributing new original songs to the band. The Days LP was recorded in the early summer of 1970 and in 1971 the band split up. Days is one the the rarest albums from Denmark which also came out on Spectator (Blues Addicts, Terje Jesper & Joachim, Moses). It is full of amazing prog tunes with great organ elements and strong fuzz guitar. A killer album from beginning to end."
~ By Shadoks Music.

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