Saturday, November 7, 2009

V.A. - Lost Sixties Delights (LSD), Vol. 1

V.A. - Lost Sixties Delights (LSD), Vol. 1

01. bluebeards - come on-at my house
02. apple corps - don't leave me
03. oxford watchband - diagnosis (one way empty and down)
04. jeep - feep feep
05. 2 of clubs - walk tall (like a man)
06. fever johnny - zombie
07. randy and the ring - caverns of my mind
08. the trolls - are you the one
09. art zoyd - something in love
10. chicago loop - beginning at the end
11. sense of humor - secret thoughts
12. the collection - paper crown of gold
13. the front end - the real thing
14. bunalimar - ask senin bilditin gibi degil
15. the country gentlemen - greensleves
16. tommy and cleve - i don't want to share your love
17. mother nature - lost in the pacific
18. the cockneys - oh no you won't
19. emeralds - don't listen to your friends
20. california bear - eulogy
21. fairchilds - (i couldn't think about livin' without you) thinkin' bout me
22. crystal empire - sour milk sea
23. the cockneys - i know you're gonna be mine
24. tunay akdeniz ve grup cigrisim - babam yaazdi ben besteledim
25. the hobbits - pretty young thing
26. myddle class - free as the wind
27. yankee dollar - reflections of a shattered mind
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FritsfromHolland said...

Thank you for posting this great comp. I was looking for it a long time.

"TinaFeyFan" said...

I already downloaded this on Soul Seek...Walk Tall by 2 of Clubs, a girl rock band, and Feep Feep by the Jeep, a sonbg that absolutely missed a great chance to becomne a hit [odd ditty] are among the best. One that's playing is the old song by "The Bluebeards", "Come on-a-My House!" that Rosemary Clooney hated but sang! And the old public domain British Middle Ages folk song Greensleeves, as well, courtesy of a group called "COuntry Gentlemen".

And I certainly wish for info on those bands..

Anonymous said...

Hi! I know it's two years old and I'm a bit late, ain't I? But would you be kind enough to re-up this record? I'm desperately looking for this song by the 2 of Clubs...

alfaios said...

NEW link posted. Enjoy!