Monday, November 30, 2009

Scorpion - I Am The Scorpion (Swe 1970)

Scorpion - I Am the Scorpion (Swe 1970, psych flower-power)

Formed: Sweden

Original Release Date: March 9, 1966
Label: MNW
Copyright: 1970 Musiknätet Waxholm

* Bo Anders Larson (vocals),
* Hasse Jonsson (bass),
* Lars Erichsen (bass),
* Lasse Summanen (guitar),
* Pelle Holm (drums),
* Ted Ström (organ),
* Sam Ellison,
* Rolf Adolfsson.

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01. I Am The Scorpion (Composer: Larson Fowley)
02. Hey Girl I'm Ugly (Composer: Fowley Holm Jonsson Summanen)
03. Sagitarius (Composer: Strom)
04. Everybody Knows My Name (Composer: Larson Fowley)
05. Red Queen Of The Underground (Composer: Fowley Larson Holm Summanen Ellisson Jonsson)
06. Blues For Jimi Hendrix (Composer: Fowley Larson Holm Summanen Ellisson Jonsson)
07. Michoican (Composer: Allen Fowley)
08. Funky Yellow Car (Composer: Larson Fowley)
09. Are You My Friend (Composer: Bonfire Fowley )
10. Hey La La La (Composer: Larson)
11. We.....Are Through (Composer: Larson Fowley)
12. Love Is Ment For Two (Composer: Larson Fowley)

An underrated very rare album produced by Kim Fowley !!!
~ by Philmarie (RYM).

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please reupload this! its a great album!

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