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Please - Seeing Stars (uk 1969)

Please - Seeing Stars (uk 1969)

Formed: United Kingdom

Line-up A
* PETER DUNTON: vocals, drums

Line-up B
* PETER DUNTON: vocals, drums
* ROD HARRISON: guitar
* NICK SPENSER: guitar
* ROB HUNT: flute, vocals

01. Seeing stars [3:18]
02. Words to say [3:21]
03. Before [3:20]
04. Time goes by [4:32]
05. The road [5:30]
06. Rise & shine [3:56]
07. Still dreaming [3:27]
08. Secrets [3:13]
09. Who you know [3:34]
10. But [2:57]
11. Steal your dreams [3:01]

All tracks composed by Peter Dunton.

Please were formed by Peter Dunton and Bernie Jinks in late 1967. They had just returned to Britain from Germany where they had played with Neon Pearl, which also included their third member Jurgen Ermisch. The fourth original member Adrian Gurvitz later co-founded Gun. Unfortunately this line-up left no vinyl legacy or unreleased recordings that have been located behind it. They disbanded in May 1968 when Peter Dunton joined The Flies for whom he wrote both sides of their Magic Train 45. When The Flies split up at the end of 1968, Dunton reformed the band (line-up 'B'). Rob Hunt had also been in The Flies. They recorded all the cuts compiled on this album. Please split again in April 1969 when Peter Dunton joined Gun. The remaining members recruited a new drummer and renamed themselves Bulldog Breed. They later cut the Made In England album. In the Autumn of 1969, Peter Dunton quit Gun to reform Please with Bernie Jinks and Nick Spenser (ex-Neon Pearl). This incarnation was relatively short-lived as they had difficulty recruiting a suitable keyboard player. In early 1970 Dunton, Jinks and a later Bulldog Breed member Keith Cross joined forces to form T2, who were responsible for the excellent It'll All Work Out In Boomland album. One of T2's tracks, No More White Horses also crops up in a radically different form on Please's 1968/69 retrospective.
~ (Taken from: "Tapestry Of Delights")

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