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Autumn Breeze - Höstbris (Swe 1979)

Autumn Breeze - Höstbris (Swe 1979)

Formed: 1972, Arvika, Värmland, Sweden
Disbanded: 1979 //

* Birgitta Nilsson (vocals, percussion),
* Gert Nilsson (guitar),
* Leif Forsberg (vocals),
* Tomas Andersson (drums, percussion),
* Krister Hildén (bass),
* Kenneth Halvarsson (bass, clarinet, saxophone),
* Gert Magnusson (flute, saxophone, guitar, vocals),
* Lennart Olsson (drums, percussion),
* Jan-Anders Warnquist (keyboards),
* Peter Jansson (bass)

Releases information: LP
Records: BG (OR-L26)
Studio Album, released in 1979

Side-A (19:10)
01. Höstbris (5:50)
02. Ugglans Nattvisir (3:40)
03. Suite (4:10)
a) Arterios Kleros
b) Mirage
c) Seagull
04. Falsk Ouverture (2:40)
05. Finalen (2:50)

Side-B (20:00)
01. Um Mani Padme Hum (5:10)
02. Jordnära (5:20)
03. U P A (3:00)
04. Den Stora Visionen (3:50)
05. Våren (2:40)
Total Time: 39:10

Autumn Breeze biography:
When the term Progressive Rock is in the same phrase with the word Sweden, I always try to search more, because nobody captured the original spirit of Progressive Rock after the pioneers like the Swedish bands.Sadly finding music and even reliable information about AUTUMN BREEZE is a hard task compared with the most famous bands like Anglagard, Par Lindh Project or the Flower Kings but after a long search I was able to put my hands in "Höstbris" and wasn't disappointed at all.The band was formed in the late 70's in Sweden by Birgitta Nilsson as the main vocalist, Gert Nilisson in the guitar, Gert Magnusson in the flute, the multi instrumentalist Kenneth Halvarsson who plays bass, clarinet and saxophone, Lennart Olsson in the drums and the excellent Jan-Anders Warnqvist in the keyboards, group of musicians who combined the slow melancholic sound of Camel with the creativity of Genesis adding the excellent voice of Brigitta as the final oneiric touch.
The sound is pleasant and well elaborated but seems as something is missing and of course the lyrics in Swedish didn't helped them to get international recognition. An urban myth that I'm not been able to verify says that they all met when playing in a resort center.Their only album "Höstbris" was released in 1979 by Örecords without a great commercial success, after this point the history of the band is even harder to find, for our good luck, Tachika Records from Japan released "Hostbris" in CD format, so probably soon will be available in a more commercial label.For progheads interested in lush and pompous music probably will be a bit slow but for the ones who love melodic and soft Symphonic with brilliant flute interludes and atmospheric guitar, this is your band.
~ Iván Melgar Morey - Perú.

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