Sunday, February 21, 2010

V.A. - Soft Sounds For Gentle People Vol.5

V.A. - Soft Sounds for Gentle People 5

Artist: VA
Title: Soft Sounds For Gentle People 5
Format: CD (Item 490220)
Catalog #: PET 008CD

"Far-out treasures from California and beyond 1966- 1969."

Far out harmonies and psyche pop from the mid-to-late 60s -- and another groovy batch of obscurites from the Cali scene and beyond in the Soft Sounds For Gentle People series from Pet Records! The series has only gotten deeper and groovier since the first one came out -- many singles from groups that were recording for the major labels at the time, but the majority of whom are fresh discoveries to us -- and if labels like Columbia, Warner Bros and Capital provided the opportunity for richer sounds and production, it's used to shoot the grooves even further out, without comprising the catchy grooves and sweetly soaring male and female harmonies. 21 tracks in all:

01. Stix & Stonz - Take a Bus
02. The Johnnys - Nothing Sacred
03. Mouse - Look at the Sun
04. The Rainy Daze - Blood of Oblivion
05. People - Ridin High
06. Wells and Fargo - Mother Goose Sonata
07. Things to Come - Hello
08. Roman Chariot - Five Sensations
09. The Delicate Balance - Autumn Wind
10. Bentley Road - Kill the Cobra
11. The Charter Members - All the Worlds Kings
12. The Carnival - The Four Seasons
13. The Phoenix Trolley - When Charleys Doing his Thing
14. Misty Morn - Summer Sunshine
15. Devils Brigade - Dreaming Is
16. The Sandals - House of Painted Glass
17. The Lollipop Fantasy - It's a Groovy World
18. The Flower Pot - Gentle People
19. The Capes of Good Hope - Lady Margaret
20. The 1st Century - Looking Down
21. The Fraternity of Man - Wispy Paisley Skies

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very yummy no doubt; many thanx

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Great Post,Great Blog Thank You

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Great that you posted no. 5 of these wonderful series. Expecting to be surprised once again !