Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cosmic Sounds Of Gandharva - Energy (us 1977)

Cosmic Sound of Gandharva - Energy (us 1977, sadhu records)

Rare California Private Press trippy dark Psychedelic Folk with strong moody echoey vocals, Tablas, Guitar and freaky Violin.

Formed: CA, United States
Also Known As: Gandharva, Cosmic Sounds of Gandharva

01. Space Train
02. Divine Mother Heavy Light
03. Brother Man
04. Gonna Be a New World
05. Money World
06. Penniless Minstrel in a Cosmic
07. Stab In The Dark
08. Divine Mother

Cosmic trance/meditation folk. "Energy" is not bad for the genre; a moody echoey soundscape and slightly eerie vibe rather than starry-eyed peace & love ramblings. Acoustic guitars, deep vocals, semi-improvised jammy songs with some crude sound experiments; imagine the Acid Symphony guys 10 years down the line. Brief spoken bit featuring a phony-sounding Indian guru.
~ [PL]
Great private press eastern mystical acidfolk jewel. way deeper/darker than the average ssw private press. twisted mantric lyrics, with amazing use of the acoustic guitar, plus bells, violin, etc. seriously unusual & psychedelic.
~ Internet Source.

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