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MIJ - Yodeling Astrologer (us 1969)

MIJ - Yodeling Astrologer (Aka Color By Numbers) (us 1969)

When MIJ, aka Jim Holmberg was found by ESP, yodeling by the fountain in Washington Square Park, on a hot, summer Sunday afternoon, he explained that an auto accident had fractured his skull and impaired his hearing. But it had also altered his perceptions and enabled him to do things that he did not understand, but which worked musically. The next day ESP sent him into the studio. With Onno Scholtze's help, Mij explored the possibilities of multiple reverb to provide a series of echoes for his yodeling. When the project was completed, both participants continued to reverberate. They may be reverberating still.

Jim Holmberg (vocals and guitar)

01. Two Stars 3:54
02. Grok (Martian Love Call) 7:03
03. Romeo & Juliet 3:15
04. Little Boy 4:17
05. Lookin' Out Today 3:40
06. Door Keys 4:46
07. Planet of a Flower 4:18
08. Never Be Free 4:23
09. Look Into The (K)Night 8:04

All compositions by Jim Holmberg (Syndicore Music BMI).

Recorded in 3 hrs., Jan. 12, 1969 at A-1 Sound, NYC.
Engineered by Onno Scholtze.
Original Jacket design by Baby Jerry.
Original Drawing by Ron Bunzl.
Production Manager: Tom Abbs.
Remastering by Douglas McGregor.
Original cover art from the collection of Gregor Kessler.
Design & Layout by Miles Bachman, Michael Sanzone and Fumi Tomita.
Press Quotes:"One of the more timeless titles in the ESP catalog."
~ Weirdo Records
"...his music is heartfelt and quite shockingly memorable and no less relevant and fun today as it was almost 40 years ago" ~ Raul D'Gama Rose, All About Jazz
Reviews:Just when we thought all the weird dusty corners of strange and magical sounds had been uncovered from the vast archives of the ESP label, something new to us, shiny and unbelievably wonderful gets unearthed. MIJ is the strangely cryptic moniker of Jim Holberg, (or on second thought not so strange as we just realized, it's his name spelled backwards!) who was discovered in Washington Square Park on a hot summer day in 1969 yodeling and playing guitar by ESP label head Bernard Stoller. But this wasn't any country western or Swiss Alps yodeling, this was some freaked out high-keening spacey Martian kind of yodeling. The kind that cuts through time and space and penetrates your subconscious. Blown away by his street performance, Stoller invited Holberg into the studio the next day to record a full length album and in just three hours with an array of echo effects and a patient and agreeable engineer, the Yodeling Astrologer was born. Apparently Holberg had explained to Stoller that after being injured in an auto-accident that had fractured his skull and impaired his hearing, his perceptions became altered and he began to do things musically that he couldn't comprehend but they somehow worked, and indeed they do. With both voice and guitar reverbed to the nth degree, this is some Donovan meet Dreamies meets Curt Boetchner of The Millenium psych-folk magic. So awesome and beautiful, weird and dreamy, with well-written songs and just enough freaky yodeling that won't scare off the folks who might be put off by the concept of, well, freaky yodeling. We've been playing this nearly everyday, it's so good.
~ By Aquarius Records
“Yodeling Astrologer” (aka: Color By The Number) could be considered an anomaly, a one-off or a miracle of circumstance in the history of psychedelic pop music. Mij, a.k.a. Jim Holmberg was discovered by ESP owners while playing in Washington Square Park in the summer of 1968. His style and persona mesmerized the label heads, and he explained to them a recent auto accident had fractured his skull but left him changed. He perceived sound, color and vision differently and he had funneled this new world of perception directly into his music.All this was enough to warrant getting Mij into the studio to lay down a record of his rambly, cosmic folk songs. The entire album was recorded in three hours, first-takes and impromptu production intact, then pressed up and introduced to the world shortly thereafter.To focus on the yodeling aspect of the Yodeling Astrologer would miss some of the depth of this album. Not just a hippie novelty act of the time, this is a truly thoughtful and somewhat frenzied document.Like Buffy St. Marie’s “Meditations”, Linda Perhacs’ “Parallelograms” or “Cold Fact” by Rodriguez, this is an album of sincere folk songs colored with subtle psychedelic touches. Uneasy reverberations and soft echoes glide over Holmberg’s breezy songs, creating a consistent sonic environment as spontaneous as it is intriguing. Available on vinyl for the first time since an incredibly limited original pressing in 1969 on ESP Disk'.
~ Internet Source.

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Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias for this one !
Been looking for this album for ages and finally: success.
Very strange, but good album.

IncaRoads said...

I am REALLY digging this one, thanks for uploading! Anything released on the ESP label is at going to be an interesting listen at the very least.

Anonymous said...

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