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Storyteller - Storyteller (uk 1970 folk-rock)

Storyteller - Storyteller (uk 1970 folk-rock)

* Caroline Attard (vocals),
* Terry Durham (vocals),
* Mike Rogers (vocals),
* Rodney Clark (bass/vocals)
* Roger Moon (guitar/vocals)

(RIP: Caroline Attard)

*Guests: Harry Beckett
*Producer: Andy Bown, Peter Frampton
*Technical: Jerry Boys

01. Floor Of The Park
02. Man In The Passage Song
03. Alice Brown
04. The Lake
05. Ginger Bread Man
06. Over The Hills
07. Story
08. First Week In January
09. Has Been
10. Morning Glow
11. Ballad Of Old Three-Laps
12. Song For Buster
13. Love's A Blind
14. Night Games (Bonus)
15. Bosworth Field (Bonus)
16. Laugh That Came Too Soon (Bonus)
17. Beautiful Affair (Bonus)
18. Wolf In The Water (Bonus)
19. Fall In All Directions (Bonus)

Around 1969, Caroline Attard moved to a new band that was being formed, Storyteller: Their first album, Storyteller was produced by Andy Bown and Peter Frampton. This album has been reissued on CD, with 6 bonus tracks (they're really taken from their 2nd album, More pages).After the 1st album, Rod Clark leaves Storyteller, being substituted by Chris Belshaw:Their 2nd album, More pages, was produced by Andy Bown alone. It contains the contribution of Henry Spinetti on drums who was to join the band, and Harold Beckett on trumpet and flugelhorn.Now with Henry Spinetti, this is the new lineup in 1971:But the band finally parted ways in that same year 1971.Around that time, Caroline married to Andy Bown, and she became Carolyn Bown.
[CD reissue contains 6 bonus tracks, taken from their 2nd album, More pages. That´s why in the reissue we can find later members such as Chris Belshaw (bass/vocals), or Henry Spinetti (drums)]
~ by
This UK folk-based quintet released their debut album in 1970. The album was produced by two former members of the Herd, Peter Frampton and Andy Bown, the latter of whom maintained his association with the group as a songwriter and auxiliary member. Rogers was replaced by Chris Belshaw prior to the release of Empty Pages. A further acolyte from the Herd, drummer Henry Spinetti, contributed to this promising album, but Storyteller broke up soon after its completion. Attard, a former singer with pop duo the Other Two, later appeared, alongside Belshaw, on Bown's Sweet William collection.
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