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Fargo - I See It Now (us 1969)

Fargo - I See It Now (us 1969, RCA LSP-4178 LP)

Formed: Salt Lake City, UT, United States

* Tony Decker,
* Dean Wilden.

01. 'Round About Way of Describing Our Situation 2:37
02. Lady Goodbye 1:52
03. Sound of It 2:40
04. Places Everyone 2:01
05. Castle in Wales 2:50
06. Talks We Used to Have 2:35
07. When the Dew Drops Change to Teardrops 2:11
08. Promises of Love 2:17
09. You Need Me 1:24
10. Cross With No Name 2:49
11. I See It Now 2:29
Bonous track:
12. Sunny Day Blue 2:31**

Fargo were a duo made up of Dean Wilden and Tony Decker from Salt Lake City, Utah.Their album is a pop psych delight. Strong and memorable melodies and hooks run throughout the entire set of self penned songs.
According to the liners on the album back cover, the duo were in their early twenties and probably God botherers. Not being the religious type in the slightest I've got a problem with songs about the 'Lord' or whatever he is. I just think twenty something rock and roll boys should be really tearing the place up (maybe it's my garage punk attitude showing through?)
The album was recorded at Al Casey's Music Room in Hollywood, California with help on guitar from Rick Cunha and on bass by Terry Paul.
~ by EXPO67.
Salt Lake City-based psych-pop duo Fargo teamed Tony Decker and Dean Wilden. After debuting in 1968 with the Capitol single "Robins, Robins," the pair signed with RCA; when their 1969 LP I See It Now--arranged by Al Capps, best known for his work with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, among others--met with virtually no commercial recognition, Fargo dissolved.
~ by popheaven.
** "Sunny Day Blue" is the B side of their 1968 Capitol single.

...Sunshine pop perfection...

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Anonymous said...

Just thought you should know that your Flash Player crashes my browsers. Otherwise - keep up the great work with your excellent music posts! best, LD

. said...

I don't like Christian rock, or "Xtian" rock, either. It's creepy. If this has any noticeable Jesus-pushing (that song title with "cross" in it is a contender) in it, it goes right in the trash bin.

(To any "Xtians" out there - your faith will be strong enough to protect you against any offence you may tend to feel, and also allow you to pray for me, which will be good for your soul - so be happy!)

Anonymous said...

this is such a beautiful album, especially "Talks We Used To Have."

valnera said...

Any video from those people?

Anonymous said...

Thanks ! Groovy soft Psych with early Bee Gees sounds_ Cool Cool Cool

Visionaerie said...

Sweet sounds indeed! Say, have you ever heard of a group called Mind Garage? They had a supersonic tune called "Asphalt Mother" that really rocks - PLUS they apparently created one of the first Christian rock albums. What's wrong with the "love one another" message, after all? Have a wonderful tomorrow and thanks for the awesome music!!