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T.P. Smoke - T.P. Smoke (Den 1970)

T. P. Smoke - T. P. Smoke (Den 1970, progressive psychedelic rock)

* Tommy Petersen (organ, vocals),
* Kay Rose (bass),
* René Sejr (drums).

01. The Bad Bad Junker
02. Take A Trip
03. You're Right Place
04. I'm Stone
05. The Girl I Met Today
06. Dreams
07. Hammerschmitts Garden
08. Smoke

Rare 7-track 1971 organ driven progressive rock with some blues leaning LP from Tommy "P" Petersen of Rocking Ghost, Scarlets & Matadorerne - this is the version manufactured in Germany for release in Denmark which has all red labels with white and black printing and company logo on top of centre hole.Vinyl is near perfect and has some light inaudible surface lines - soft laminated picture sleeve has slight general wear, some wear on corners and some laminate creases due to mild corner bends.
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Their album was manufactured in Germany (and distributed there in addition to Denmark). Tommy Petersen was the leader of the group - he wrote the songs, provided the soul and blues flavoured vocals and played the lead instrument. Several tracks sound like a curious (and not very tasteful) cross between Atomic Rooster, Hansson & Karlsson and Tom Jones. It's generally considered not to rank among the best Danish albums!
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Anonymous said...

Ha! I bought a bootleg cd of this several years ago when I was just getting into psych rock. After hearing good things about both the U.K. and U.S. "The Smoke"s. I took a gamble and was dissapointed to learn this was neither of those bands, I overlooked the whole "T.P." at the time. back then when I was about 18 or so and this sounded to me about as hip as Three Dog Night, and the fact that it was "Tommy Petersen's" smoke made it seem that much lamer...
("Mom can I have Smoke?", "Tommy Alan Petersen! no you may not have Smoke! go to your room at once!
..."I'll show her! just wait until I grow up!")

of course now I realize it's a pretty fun album, good for a laff and not bad musically either. I love some of those lyrics like "Big Bad Junker" and "Shmoke, Shmoke, Shmoke...hava ceegahhhr!"