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Fifth Flight - Into Smoke Tree Village (us 1971)

Fifth Flight - Into Smoke Tree Village (us 1971 Century Lp)

1. INTO SMOKE TREE VILLAGE (Century 39398) R2 1970

01. Can't You See 4:51
02. I'd Like to Make It With You 3:29
03. Devil With a Blue Dress 4:09
04. Celebrate 2:06
05. Midnight Hour 3:42
06. Summertime 4:18
07. It's All Over Now 2:13
08. Sugar Mountain 6:10
09. Try a Little Tenderness 4:59

"Century Records was a Californian custom record label which pressed tens of thousands of small-run records for schools, church groups and obscure local bands and Fifth Flight's Into Smoke Tree Village was one of those delightful garage/psych jewels that occasionally cropped up on the label. Into Smoke Tree Village, with its rustic mill wheel cover, was a garage psych album consisting mostly of covers, delivered with lashings of fuzz guitar and heavy, spooky organ. The stand-out track is surely the band's jaw-droppingly awesome version of Neil Young's 'Sugar Mountain' which over the years has gained a deserved reputation as a psych masterpiece."
~ Radio Active 2006.
Fifth Flight was probably a popular high school hop band. They were a bit luckier than a lot of other groups doing covers of radio hits in the late '60s because they actually got to record a whole album. Their set opens with a middle of the road original called "Can't You See?" The rest of the record is made up of pedestrian versions of songs like "Midnight Hour" and "I'd Like to Make it with You." It's too bad they didn't have a prolific tunesmith onboard to give them something to work with because they were decent musicians. This will enlighten anyone wondering what a competent group of musicians working the top 40 circuit in 1969 was like.
~ (from
Obscure early seventies private album of cover songs, the highlight of which is a version of Neil Young's Sugar Mountain with massive fuzz guitar. Overall, the album is pretty inept and is not recommended. The stock Century "mill" cover makes another appearance on this album. I think this group was from California.
~ (Clark Faville) / Fuzz, Acid & Flowers

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