Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The McElroy Brothers - Can't You See Me Smilin' (us 1977)

The McElroy Brothers - Can't You See Me Smilin' (us 1977)

01. I'd Love To (2:37)
02. Why The Rainbow's Gold Is Never Found (3:39)
03. If You Lose (2:31)
04. Can't You See Me Smilin' (3:30)
05. Bangin' My Head (3:37)
06. Nobody Loves Me (5:31)
07. Glinda (3:37)
08. She's So Fine (3:01)
09. Not Tomorrow (1:28)
10. Ego Of The Grave (1:41)

The McElroy Brothers were identical twin brothers from VT, with a lineup of drums & a battery of keyboards (though acoustic guitar shows up on a track or two). The songs are so well played & arranged that you might not notice that there's no bass on the record - all bass lines are played with the foot pedals. After a lot of close listening, I'm convinced that they both sing, though their vocals are barely distinguishable from each other. The songs are incredibly catchy & could easily pass for 60s pop like Zombies, Bee Gees, etc., until the Moog comes in...apparently 1000 were pressed, and sold well, though it never seems to turn up around here. There was also a single released after the lp. Fantastic, overlooked album & one of my favorite private press finds!
~ Elefantplatte (RYM).

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jules said...

The Mcelroy Brothers still play but now they go by The Fab 2, a Beatles tribute band. There good friends of mine and I get to see them play at least once a month.