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Anders Koppel - Aftenlandet & Regnbuefuglen (Den 1977)

Anders Koppel - Aftenlandet & Regnbuefuglen (Den 1977, DEMOS 38)

Born: July 17, 1947, Kobenhavn, Denmark

Member of: The Savage Rose, Bazaar.
Notes: Son of Herman D. Koppel, Brother of Thomas Koppel.

Also Known As: Anders Herman Koppel [birth name].

Genres: Folk, World, & Country, Jazz, Rock.
Style: Folk Rock, Fusion.

* Anders Koppel (Organ, Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Synthesizer, Autoharp, Accordion),
* Peter Bastian (Bassoon [Fagot], Clarinet, Ocarina, Autoharp, Mizmar [Surna]),
* Mehmet Ozan (Percussion, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Goblet Drum [Darbuka], Timpani [Pauker], Congas),
* Jens Rugsted (Electric Bass, Fuzz Bass),
* HC Mogensen (Drums, Timpani [Pauker]).

Backing Vocals - Chorus:
* Irene Becker,
* Elisabeth Bjørn,
* Søren Danielsen,
* Sheena Hauch,
* Lotte Hilden,
* Bent Jacobsen,
* Gert Kim Jensen,
* HH Koltze,
* Ulla Koppel,
* Bastian
* HC.

* Producer - Hans-Henrik Koltze
* Engineer - Stig Kreutzfeldt
* Engineer [Assistant] - Lars Lund

Recorded at Sweet Silence Studios / February - March 1977
Soundtrack for the movie "Aftenlandet" by Peter Watkins

Side A:
01. Budbingeren
02. Byen
03. Folkene
04. Gaderne
05. Havnen
Side B:
06. Regnbuefuglen
07. Toget
08. Rejsen
09. Generalerne
10. Ansigtet

Shot through with alternating currents of melancholia and festivity that are almost piercingly poignant in their evocation of some lost Scandanavian hippy idyll, this supremely beautiful solo album from Savage Rose keyboard player Koppel scratches an obscure itch ordinarily only reached by Bo Hansson and Supersister.
~ by vdoandsound.
Flemming said...
I've had the LP since it came out. But no record player for 10 years. Fantastic to hear the music again. Originally the music was from a film. Some sort of a fantasy or a nightmarish dream about a fascist take-over. Aftenlandet means 'The Evening Land' and the concept comes from german social critique, and is used to metaphorically desribe the society when totalitarian and fascist tendencies become evident. So it's more like political leftish music than scandinavian hippie music. Anders Koppel also plays in the band Bazar (a band originating back in the late 1970'ies. Some of the compositions from Aftenlandet is also being played by Bazar and can be heard at a fantastic double live LP from around 1980.

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72custom said...

Thank you so much for the Anders Koppel album. Never heard of this until now. Thanks!