Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Chud - Silhouettes Of Sound (Ger 1986, Neo-Psych Garage)

The Chud - Silhouettes of Sound (Ger 1986, LP LSD 02)

Berlin's finest Neo-Psych/Garage group!!!

Band Members Original 1st Album Line-Up (1985-87):
* Vic Count: voc, guitars, prod.
* Rick Zontar: hammond/farfisa
* Sandy Hobbs: bass guitar
* Nick Young: drums, vocals

01. Cosmic One
02. Hey Pretty Girl
03. Land Of Milk And Honey
04. Neanderthal Comet
05. Point Of No Return
06. Leather Room
07. Suck My Silver Ring
08. Strange Birds of Thunderground
09. Violet Fire
10. Don't Call Me Batman

The Chud - Leather Room

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Sasoki said...

Hello, congratulations for uploading this album. You have good taste.

RayG said...

This is pretty good! The playing better than the singing, but the singing wasn't too bad. Thanks for this. Never heard of them before.