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Eloiteron - Lost Paradise (Swi 1981)

Eloiteron - Lost Paradise (Swi 1981 private)

Formed: Switzerland

* Martin Frey (piano, organ, synthesizer, Mellotron, string ensemble),
* Dani Reimann (drums),
* Christian Frey (pianos, organ, synthesizer, Mellotron, string ensemble, vocals),
* Harry Schärer (bass, guitar, vocals, synthesizer),
* Stefan Frey (flute, trumpet, cornet, horn, soprano saxophone),
* Michi Winkler (guitars).

01. Time reflection (3:32)
02. Once (4:54)
03. Fantasia (5:01)
04. Where (3:32)
05. Yapituttiperslikkenberg (3:18)
06. Hommage à M... (3:07)
07. Octopus (3:58)
08. Tree of conflicts (6:45)
09. Old man's voice (7:02)

ELOITERON is in the class of Swiss bands that carried prog into the '80's. They are a keyboard lover's band, including lots of mellotron. The '70s prog influences are there, especially in the Steve Hackett inspired guitar work. The closest comparison is another Swiss band, Flame Dream. New territory is covered in more dissonant guitar sounds, and solo trumpet. There is also flute, strings and grand piano. "Lost Paradise" is the band's only release. Shorter songs, and slick production are indicative of the times. The focus is on the instrumentals, rather than vocals (by all accounts, this is a good thing). If you are a fan of the mellotron, or interested in late '70s / early '80s Swiss symphonic movement, this is a band you may want to seek out.
~ by Ht Riekels (bhikkhu).
Much better than average early 80s symphonic album. There were many of these type of private releases in Germany and Switzerland during this period and Eloiteron are one of the best. Trumpet adds a nice touch, and recalls the Austrian group Klockwerk Orange. Plenty of excellent organ, mellotron and flute as well. A bootleg exists.
~ by Tom (cdreissuewishlist).

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