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Saft - Saft (Norway 1971)

Saft - Saft (Norway 1971, Prog Psych)

Formed: December 1969, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
Disbanded: 1974 //

* Ove Thue (vocals),
* Trygve Thue (vocals, guitar),
* Tom Harry Halvorsen (keyboards, flute, 1969-72),
* Magne Lunde (bass, 1969-72),
* Rolf Skogstrand (drums, 1969-72),
* Rune Walle (guitar, 1972-74),
* Kaare Øyvind Moldestad (bass, 1972-74),
* Gunnar Bergstrøm (drums, 1972-74)

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01. Introduction (0:19)
02. Couple Of Freaks (7:15)
03. Eleanor Rigby (2:23)
04. Fjøsvise (2:17)
05. Don't Look Back (2:38)
06. All The Time (4:55)
07. Fly (4:07)
08. This Is Not Today (3:21)
09. Opus 1 (4:32)
10. Min (2:57)
11. So Long (3:09)

Saft was a band from the Norwegian city of Bergen, formed in 1969-70, and disbanded in the spring of 1974. They've had several re-unions since then. Saft were one of the first bands in Norway to sing in nynorsk. (“Fjøsvise” in 1971), and one of the first to mix hardingfiddle with rock (“Halling” with Sigbjørn Berntoft Osa in 1973). Saft also wrote musical history when they won “Europatoppen” with the song “People In Motion” in November 1971.
Their debutalbum ”Saft” was the first of three major albums the band recorded. The musical was unusually varied, ranging from progressive rock, Norwegian middle-age ballads, classical music and heavy metal. The best known song from the album is “All The Time”. Ove Thue had based the lyrics around a slogan originating from the USA during the Vietnam war: “Fighting for freedom is like fucking for virginity”. This was used as the chorus, which too proved too much for the BBC. The powerful radiochannel refused to play the album when it was send in as a Norwegian contribution to Europatoppen in 1971. Saft replied by printing “Censored by BBC” on the cover to the single – which showed a photograph of a naked Ove Thue. The record was eventually played, but the naughty words were bleeped out.
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