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De Maskers - Sensations in Sound! (Hol 1966)

De Maskers - Sensations in Sound! (Hol 1966)

Formed: October 1965, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

* Jan de Hont (guitar, vocals, 1965-68, 1985-86, 2000-present),
* Jaap de Groot (guitar, 1965-67, 2000-present),
* Ador Otting (organ, vocals, 1965-69, 1985-86),
* Hans de Hont (bass, 1965-69, 2000-present),
* Alewijn Dekker (drums, 1965-67),
* Frans Smit (drums, 1967-69),
* Adrie de Hont (guitar, 1968-69, 1985-86),
* Johan Donkerkaat [aka Johnny Kendall] (vocals, 1969),
* Frans Hendriks (drums, 1985),
* Erik Mooijman (guitar, vocals, 1985-86, 2000-present),
* Hennie Haagsma (drums, 1985-86),
* Ron Bijtelaar (rhythm guitar, 2004-08),
* Freddy Lusken,
* Peter Mulder.

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A1. As Long as I Have You 2:47
A2. Master of War 3:32
A3. Living in the Past 2:43
A4. Angelique 3:31
A5. Play the Game Now 2:52
A6. Three's a Crowd 3:03
B1. Baby Blue 3:17
B2. Love Passed By 3:09
B3. Danny Boy 3:21
B4. Hodge Podge 2:53
B5. What Price Fame 3:00
B6. Kashbah 2:24
B7. Turn of the Tide 3:37

Profile: Dutch beat group, established 1965 in Amsterdam.
The Maskers from Amsterdam came together in 1962, formed by ex-members of the Apron Strings. Under guidance of Z.Z. (Bob Bouber, real name Boris Blom) they began a Screaming Lord Sutch-like act with masks, gruesome noises and a light-show, that brought more darkness than light. In that early period, Trix Boelen (to Trix & Paramounts) also sang, as did Z.Z. Bob Bouber had been an actor and founded the "Akademie voor Kleinkunst". With their show and their instrumental prowess, the group became succesfull all over Europe, which resulted in countless foreign tours. In 1965, Bob Bouber retired from the Maskers. He became the brain behind Het (see there) and touring abroad. His backing group in 1968 comprised: Axel van Duin (b, ex-Gin Fizz, to the Belgian Pebbles), Henk Engelgeer (o,p, ex-John Breughel Four & Gin Fizz), Wijnand Blok (g, ex-Paul van Vliet), and Willem Voorhaar (dr, ex-Gin Fizz, to Johnny Kendall). The Maskers kept on working till 1969, although now they focused more on rhythm & blues. Line-up: Jan de Hont (g, ex-Apron Strings, to Anno Nu, in 1968 replaced by his brother Adri de Hont, ex-Pocomania, to Johnny Kendall), Hans de Hont (b, ex-Apron Strings, to Johnny Kendall), Erik Boom (g, in 1963 replaced by Jaap de Groot, solo as D.J. King & Mike Rondell), Ador Otting (o,p,v,h,b, to Anno Nu) and drummers: respectively, Henny van Pinksteren (ex-Apron Strings, to Beat Buddies, 'til 1963), Pierre van der Linden (ex-Johnny & Cellarrockers and Mystics, to Don Mercedes, 1963 til 1964) and Alewijn Dekker (1964 til 1969). Also, Tony Leroy (g, to Met & Zonder) has played for a short while with the group.
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Other infos in Dutch language:
The Maskers also ZZ & The Maskers.

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