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V.A. - La Musica Della Mafia Vol. I - Il Canto Di Malavita (2000)

V.A. - Il canto di malavita: La musica della mafia Vol.1 (2000)
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Track List:
01. Parlato 0:30
02. El Domingo - 'Ndrangheta, camurra e mafia 4:14
03. F. Cimbalo - Sangu chiama sangu 3:11
04. Franco Caruso - U lupu d'Asprumunti 3:35
05. Parlato 0:28
06. Salvatore Macheda - I cunfirenti 4:10
07. Caserta Plutino - U ballu da famigghja Muntalbanu 2:09
08. Parlato 0:19
09. [unknown] - Non su' lupu 2:53
10. Franco Caruso - U commissariu 4:26
11. Parlato 0:12
12. El Domingo - Omertá 3:32
13. F. Cimbalo - Cu sgarra paga 3:18
14. El Domingo - Appartegnu all'onorata 3:45
15. Tobia Latella - Cantu all'Aspromonte 3:19
16. Fred Scotti - Tarantella guappa 2:24
17. El Domingo - Ergastulanu 4:04
18. El Domingo - I cacciaturi i Muntaltu 4:50
19. Parlato 0:47
20. Salvatore Macheda - A 'mbasciata 2:50
21. Parlato 0:15
22. Natino - Mafia leggi d'onuri 3:10
23. Diego Barbaro - Addiu 'ndrangheta 3:27
24. Fred Scotti - Canto di carcerato 6:07

The album's title (translation: ''Music of the Mafia: Songs of a Life of Crime'') and the words to its songs. First released in Europe in 2000, where it was praised and condemned, the disc compiles centuries-old songs about the gangsters of Italy's Calabria region. The somewhat mysterious recordings are undated, and one of the singers is said to have been killed in 1971 for romancing a don's love. In straightforward fashion, the tracks spell out the basics of Mob life: honoring the brotherhood, opting for jail instead of ratting on your friends, and hunting down stoolies who've disobeyed those rules (''First, traitor, I'll slash your face and watch you die,'' sings one Fred Scotti in ''Tarantella guappa''). The tracks aren't denunciations but blunt warnings: If you betray, you pay.In that regard, it's difficult to kick back and enjoy the music à la ''Buena Vista Social Club'' -- and not simply because the nearly two dozen songs grow repetitive rather quickly. The producers claim the disc doesn't romanticize the pre-''Godfather'' Mafia, even with lyrics like ''the sawn-off shotgun sings,'' but the music is so lilting and pleasant that the album starts to feel like a collection of ancient Italian courtship ballads. ''La Musica Della Mafia'' puts a disturbingly sensitive face on old-school mobsters; here, they're just a bunch of smooth criminals.
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What a terrific surprise to find these two beloved records (that I'm too lazy to rip myself from my own CD's) in a mostly psych-oriented blog! Thanx so much!

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gracias !