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Dorothy Carter - Troubador (us 1976)

Dorothy Carter - Troubadour (us 1976)

Born: 1935, New York, NY, United States
Died: June 07, 2003 // New Orleans, LA, United States

Member of: Mediæval Bæbes

Genres: Contemporary Folk, Free Folk

A1. Troubadour Song (French Medieval)
A2. Binnorie (Scottish Melody)
A3. Troubadour Songs on the Psaltery
A4. Make a Joyful Sound (100th Psalm)
A5. Lark in the Morning
A6. Balinderry (Old Irish Melodies)
A7. Tree of Life (Essene Hymn)
B1. Visiting Song
B2. The King of Glory (Israeli Melody)
B3. The Morning Star (Praetorious-16th Century English)
B4. Ukrainian Carol
B5. The Cuckoo (Appalachian Folk Song)
B6. Masquerade
B7. Shirt of Lace (Appalachian)

Ah, the mediaeval. I've tought myself not to get to dreamy and romantic about it, and to remember that it was the time of plague, torture, poor hygiene and infinite stupidity, and not of beautiful melancholic ladies sitting in tall towers, brave warriors and fairytales. But this music shatters all reasonable attempts and I find myself wondering in 14th century German forest, looking for a dungeon, where some evil wizzard holds Marrisa Nadler captive. Damn. Plus I instantly remember Edinburgh - music like this always plays in souvenier shops there. You walk by a tiny house all filled with helmets, swords and postcards with castles on them, and music like this srikes with it's simple and natural beauty. The salesman is, of course, a redhead with a beard, he laughs as he talks to two pretty japaneese girls, and you understand that torture and poor hygiene are things of the past, while beauty is eternal.
~ by lone_hunter (RYM).
Now as for this excellent record, Dorothy Carter was (she passed away in 2003) primarily a hammered dulcimer player (although she also sings and plays flute on this record). She was a founding member of the Mediaeval Baebes & also performed on records as diverse as Sun Electric's Via Nostra & the Serious Solid Swineheard is Better Than Homecooked Clapham Junction album. This record is a beautiful collection of folk melodies from diverse times and places performed on dulcimer, psalter &/or flute (by Carter) and accompanied by Sally Hilmer on tamboura & Connie Demby of Ch'in. Carter also sings on a couple numbers. The accompaniment adds a nice Eastern vibe that will strengthen the appeal to fans of acid folk.
Her album Lonesome Dove is available from the Mediaeval Baebes web site. There was also a 1978 album called Waillee, Waillee and a CD entitled Dorothy Carter, 2003. I haven't heard any of those but based on the strength of this thrift store find I plan on tracking down copies.
I ripped this from vinyl and cleaned up most of the clicks and pops--only a couple large ones remain--and I think it sounds pretty good. Its encoded at a high quality variable bit rate using LAME encoding.
~ by Max.
Dorothy Carter was a very talented folk musician, born in the late 30s(i think 1937 ) and sadly died in 2003.Playing hammered dulcimer and psaltery and some flutes she is creating excellent contemporary folk with much medieval elements .But in my opinion what is outstanding is her voice,that gives in all the otherwise traditional folk songs a very weird feeling that sometimes touches the weirdness found in Comus recordings!This is her first LP .IMHO highly recommented to fans of folk/acid folk music.
~ by mutantsounds.
Born in New York City in 1935, “Miss Dorothy” began studying classical piano at age 6; she studied at Bard College in New York, the London Royal Academy and Guildhall School of Music in France. She is survived by a son and daughter, Justin and Celeste Carter of New Orleans, and a grandson, Damien Carter. Along with her recording career with the Mediaeval Baebes, she recently released a CD, titled “Dorothy Carter, 2003” and has also produced two albums, “Troubadour” and “Waillee Waillee”.
Dorothy performed at concert halls, music festivals and coffee houses worldwide playing unusual stringed instruments such as dulcimer, zither, psaltery and Hurdy-Gurdy. She co-founded the Mediaeval Baebes eight years ago after meeting Katharine Blake in Germany on the Cabaret circuit.
~ Internet Source.

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Went to High School with Justin and Celeste. Dorthy was one cool lady. RIP Dorthy!

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