Monday, June 28, 2010

The Miners of Muzo - Make My Day (Holland 1988)

The Miners of Muzo - Make My Day (Holland 1988, MMLP 016)

Formed: October 1981, Tilburg, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

* Léon "Lee" Lemmen (bass, guitar, vocals),
* Moniek van Dusseldorp (keyboards, 1981-82),
* Ruud Diederiks (drums, 1981-82),
* Hans Vroom (guitar, backing vocals),
* Daan Appels (organ, piano, vocals, 1982-94),
* Marc van Gennip (drums, 1982-84),
* Gert-Jan Smits (drums,1984-present),
* Marc Lemmen (bass, 1985-93),
* Ben (bass)

Related Artists: Funrazor, Masai, Pat Mears Band

* Engineer: Doctor 'P' Funk
* Producer: Theo Van Eenbergen
* Written By: Léon Lemmen (tracks: A1 to B3, B5) .
(B4. Suicidal Flowers - Written By: Crystal Chandlier).

Recorded: January 1988 at Tango Studio, Eindhoven Holland.

A1. 88 Doctors
A2. Cycle Mellow Man
A3. Coral
A4. Deathcom
A5. From S.F. To L.A.
B1. Sandman
B2. White Lightning
B3. Rock 'N Roll Bishop
B4. Suicidal Flowers
B5. Born To Be... (Make My Day)

The Miners of Muzo are a guitar band from Tilburg, the Netherlands. They have been around since the early eighties.
The band is named after a 1980 BBC documentary on poor Colombian farmers digging for emeralds in old abandoned Columbian state mines.
Their style developed from trashy, sixties inspired garage rock to a less limited kind of rockmusic, leaving room for other musical influences… as long as there’s the love of song and guitar… and rock’n roll…
From 1984-1993 the Miners recorded eight lp’s/cd’s. The albums were released on independant record labels in Holland (Eksakt, Columbus, Silenz), France (GMG, Spliff), Germany (Music Maniac), England (Ediesta) and Greece (?). They also contributed to several complilation albums in France, Holland and Germany. For a period of 6-7 years The Miners enjoyed some popularity in France. They also did well in Holland, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. They played the USA (SXSW 1991)and Czecho Slovakia (Prague 1989) as well.
The Miners never split up. From 1993-2003 the Miners just didn’t do much, but now they are working again in their own Smithsonic Lemonhead Studios. Check out Recordings 2003-2006 on lastfm.
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~ Edited by Marclemmen.

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The Miners of Muzo - Make My Day (Hol 1988, MMLP 016).rar

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The Miners of Muzo - Make My Day (Holland 1988, MMLP 016).rar (53.48 MB)


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