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Shin Yung Hyun & Men - It's A Lie (South Korea 1973)

Shin Jung Hyun and the Men - It's a Lie (South Korea1973)

A great psychedelic album with 3 long tracks and very good guitar and organ work
'the Collection of Korean psych's golden age'. This album contains the peak of the 70's psychedelia of Korea.
The opening track '???? ??(Beautiful Country)' is the song which was originally forced to praise the then-military government.
But Shin Jung-Hyun refused to make the song like that and he made his own version which praises the beautiful country. Intro led by Kim Gi-Pyo's keyboard and Son Hak-rae's oboe emits classical magnificence and tragic beauty. After the indulging intro, Lee Tae-Hyun's bass which shows an outstanding groove develops the main theme. It could be described as an accordance amidst avant-garde discordance. There it goes, the essence of psychedelic.
The title track '?????(It's a Lie)' is a jamming leviathan. Although this is not a live album, this song has striking improvisations.(so these things make the album like a live or jamming album) The last track '???? ??(Woman in the Mist)' is also a fantastic jam. With Lee's Bass and Mun's Drum trembling on and making the rhythm tight and loose, the guitar, keyboard, oboe show the great jam. The endless flow of psychedelic jamming invites you to the state of complete absence of ego.
It is not so popular methodology that one can be attracted at once, but when you fell in love with, this is amazing.Just avoid your prejudice. Enjoy the trip!
Reorganized(& edited) & Translated by DH.Kang(Sorry for my poor English, but I wish this could lead you to the introduction of Korean rock)the original review by Lee Young-Woo in KoreanURL
~ by slgma (RYM).

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