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Thrice Mice - Thrice Mice (Germany 1970)

Thrice Mice - Thrice Mice (Ger 1970)

Formed: 1966, Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Disbanded: 1972 //

* Rainer von Gosen (bass),
* Werner von Gosen (guitar),
* Arno Bredehöft (drums),
* Gerd Adlung (drums),
* Hans-Hermann Jäger (organ),
* Karl-Heinz Blumenberg (vocals, alto saxophone, percussion, flute, guitar),
* Wolfgang Buhre (tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, clarinet, percussion),
* Wolfram Minnemann (organ, piano, guitar)

Related Artists: Altona, Dirty Dogs, Leinemann

Genres: Krautrock

01. Joe Joe 8:48
02. Vivaldi 11:31
03. Torakov 12:51
04. Fancy Desire 7:56
Bonus Tracks:
05. Drive Me 2:17
06. Pig II 10:52
07. Vivaldi's Revival 7:15
08. Trying 5:06
09. New Life 2:17
10. Dawn 2:54
11. An Invtation 3:08

This singular album by Hamburg based band THRICE MICE is a nice example of early Krautrock exhibiting influences by Blodwyn Pig and Curved Air, both bands they’re paying tribute to by cover versions added up on the CD re-release. After some local success and a gig on legendary Fehmarn festival in 1970 (where Jimi Hendrix gave his last concert) they disbanded in 1972 when Rainer von Gosen decided to leave. His brother Werner and Karl-Heinz Blumenberg continued their progressive jazz-rock style with the band ALTONA.Thrice Mice which grew up from a beat school band originally presented here a quite noteable and for those days very unique blend of jazz elements, influences from classical themes and heavy rock using some technical sound effects that bring HAWKWIND into one’s mind. Although the four compositions are basically rather melodic and straightforward they’re highly enriched by improvising solos, intricate dual sax playing and use of big band-alike brass. The classically inspired "Vivaldi" was quite a big success for them when they played it live (can be heard as well on the CD release). Each one of the other three tracks is based on either a particular theme or story. "Jo Joe" is about someone’s idiosyncratic philosophy, “Pancy Desiree” is inspired by Joachim Ringelnatz’s novel "Fancy Desire" and "Torekov" is telling the very personal experiences of some band members with a Finnish girl on a camp tour in Sweden.Overall this album is a quite unique and noteworthy one, certainly not to be considered essential but anyway good. Highly recommended to collectors of rare and obscure German progressive albums!
~ By hdfisch (RYM).
Early summer 1966, infected with Beatlemania, brothers Rainer and Werner v. Gosen decided to form their own Beat band. Born in Flensburg and raised in Hamburg they attended the Alexander-von-Humboldt grammar school in the suburb of Harburg. Both had previously taken piano lessons. Rainer took up the bass, Werner guitar and schoolmate Arno Bredehöft drums. The trio called themselves Thrice Mice and had ambitions of making it to the top which started well by successfully taking part in many of the "Battle Of The Beat Band" competitions.
In August they beat 6 other bands to win first prize in the Hamburg grammar school Beat-Band-Battle at Hamburg-Alsterdorf School. The newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt used the following headlines to report the event: "Beat Battle Too Loud For Music Teacher" and "Judge Sat Outside". The article from August 24th reported "ear numbing Beat Music, ear numbing applause, 7 Hamburg Beat Bands fought it out in the heat of the moment for the first prize. The Hall was boiling and only one person was left outside - the judge! It was just too loud for the music teacher who should have been a competent jury member, which he in fact was albeit from a distance. He sat on a bench in the gangway in front of the hall and listened from there. After 2 hours of noise the loudness ebbed and he announced the winners - Thrice Mice".
That Thrice Mice didn't even attend the host school and still won was a sign of their talent and ambition. The victory brought them recognition in the already growing Hamburg scene and was followed by ...
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